Triple pork nirvana

Throughout this site, you will see references to triple pork nirvana. This is a concept of my own invention, which is fairly simple to both explain and achieve.

In order to achieve triple pork nirvana, all that is required is to eat a pork based product for breakfast, lunch and dinner. For example:-

Bacon sandwich for breakfast

Ham and cheese sandwich for lunch

Roast pork for dinner

Any pork based food is acceptable for any meal, and you then achieve triple pork nirvana. Whilst you could have three pork based products in just one meal (e.g. the classic Full English)


this does not count. For one thing, The MOFAD does not approve of black pudding. And it has to be spread across all three meals. You could have this three times in a day and achieve nirvana, but you would be denying yourself other lovely pork dishes. It is so versatile after all.

So there you go, triple pork nirvana. Follow your dreams, you can achieve your goals.

40 thoughts on “Triple pork nirvana

    • Rich Goodman says:

      Glad to hear it 🙂 I’ve yet to meet a meat eater who doesn’t! Many of my friends also achieve this regularly now.


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