TPN 2016 #19

A holiday is always a good opportunity for triple pork nirvana. However, I have passed up the opportunity a few times this week, because there has been a lot of lovely fish to tempt me, and I do like some fish beside the seaside. The day started as usual with some bacon and egg rolls to fuel our forthcoming cycle ride.

Today, the power of pork was compelling. We had a lovely ride over from Snape to Orford, parked our bikes in the beer garden of The Jolly Sailor, popped in to reserve a table for lunch (it gets busier than you’d imagine for an October lunchtime), had a quick stroll around the village, and then came back to eat. A very nice Cumberland sausage baguette, onion marmalade, salad and vegetbale crisps.


After a lovely lunch in a lovely seaside pub we carried on with our ride and popped in to Snape Maltings when we had finished, to stock up on some food and drink goodies at The Food Hall – well worth stopping by if you’re in the area.

We drove back to Reydon for a quick shower and change, and then out into Southwold for dinner at The Sole Bay Inn. This pulled pork burger proved to be a perfect way to achieve triple pork nirvana today.


A well rounded nirvana today and a very tasty one. It’s about quality not quantity.

TPN 2016 #18

Another walking triple pork nirvana, and another one that was finished off in style at the Church House Inn, much like number 17 this year.

As with number 17, a full day of walking today, lots of ups and downs to make us earn our meals. We started the day with the traditional bacon and egg baps that kick off most of our walk days.

No pubs again on today’s walk, so we took our lunch with us, ham and cheese baps once more, as well as some crisps, cake and chocolate.

Back to the Church House for dinner, and as soon as I’d spotted ribs on the menu, I knew it was the dish to take me to triple pork nirvana once more!


A day of porky goodness!

TPN 2016 #17

Yes, it’s another triple pork nirvana for 2016. A full day of walking today, so we started the day with the traditional bacon and egg baps that kick off many of our walk days.

No pubs on today’s walk, so we took our lunch with us, simple ham and cheese baps as well as some crisps, cake and chocolate.

That just leaves dinner, which was this very tasty honey and mustard pork dish at the Church House pub, just a few hundred yards from our camp site.

Another great day powered by pork!

Wimbledon Triple Pork Nirvana (TPN 2016 #16)

Yes, this a special edition of triple pork nirvana, but if the opportunity presents itself, you must seize it.

Today’s journey to nirvana began on the train journey to London with a free train breakfast, a decent enough sausage bap accompanied by an awful cup of tea (more like cea once again).

Lunch at Wimbledon was a better sausage baguette, with poor mustard on it:-


For tea, it was back on the train and a chicken and bacon sandwich.

A pretty special TPN in terms of the day and the location if not in terms of the meals, but one which will be very hard to live up to! This may not appear the most balanced of diets, but there were also 2 bowls of strawberries during the afternoon, a protein rich cereal bar and lots of water (it was a rather hot day).

TPN 2016 #15

It’s 15 for 2016. When we are away on a walking holiday, the chances of triple pork nirvana are always increased. We usually have bacon and egg baps for breakfast, which is a good protein-rich start to the day.

Many of our Lake District walks don’t involve pubs, because not many ever got built on the tops of fells. So lunch is often some kind of sandwich on top of a fell somewhere (hopefully with some shelter out of the wind). Often, that will be a ham and cheese sandwich as we both like these so it’s easy to prepare in the morning. I used to favour roast beef which is probably a childhood thing, as the Sunday roast would always provide a few sandwiches for the school lunch box in the week (although I’m not going to have roast beef with tomato sauce nowadays!)

Today’s TPN was not going to be a TPN as I had some chicken to cook for dinner, but as we got back later than planned, we decided to grab a pizza from LB’s instead, which was a very nice pulled pork pizza, to complete the triple. It was a good pulled pork, not the sickly sweet stuff that you often find.


I’m sure the next triple will be along soon…

Triple Pork Nirvana 2016 #14

A classic holiday triple pork nirvana coming up! A week of walking every day means bacon and egg baps for breakfast, which sets up every day as a potential TPN day.

Lunch took us to the Lister Arms in Malham, one of several to choose from in the village, and one which serves food all day, which fits in nicely with walkers who don’t always know exactly when they will get to the pub. Say hello to a massive pulled pork focaccia:-


Boo to the rough old bit of wood it was served on, bur hurrah for the lovely pork and massive fat chips.

Just one meal to go, and we were off to the Talbot Arms again for quiz night. Food for the brain is important, and whilst the received wisdom is that fish is the best brain food, I’m quite partial to a bit of pork. This lovely home made bacon cheeseburger:-


proved to be excellent brain food as we proceeded to win the pub quiz. All of the prizes. Triple pork nirvana itself is a noble prize, so to add actual prizes to that is even better.

TPN 2016 #13

Another day, another triple pork nirvana 🙂

There have been a few this year, various trips away have increased the chances of achieving nirvana. A holiday in Settle was another opportunity. Another day out in the Yorkshire hills today, as we tackled our first of the Yorkshire Three Peaks, Pen-y-Ghent.

In order to take on such a task, you need a good breakfast. For us that is a bacon and scromlet bap. Once we reached the top of Pen-y-Ghent, we had ham and cheese rolls whilst sheltering from a howling wind at the little trig point shelter.

A lovely walk and well worth the effort, and certainly worth the reward of this Three Peaks burger at The Lion in Settle.


All hail pork!

TPN 2016 #12

Being away for work is often a chance for triple pork nirvana, because it usually means starting the day with a cooked breakfast in a hotel. This was the case today, a classic Holiday Inn Express breakfast (their cooked items are always sausages, scrambled eggs and beans):-

Lunch was this chicken and ham concoction from the conference centre:-

And dinner at Holyrood 9A was a blue murder burger, with cheese and bacon (blurry because I was in a hurry to eat it):-


A tasty triple once more! Just a shame it wasn’t triple plate nirvana!

Table Table, Springwood Park, Cheshire

The chain pub attached to a Premier Inn. Functional and family friendly. A captive audience, but one you still have to serve well. We were part of that audience, staying at Springwood Park with some friends for the weekend.

If the pub had allowed dogs, it’s fairly likely we might have eaten here for another meal, but as they didn’t we just came here for breakfast on both days, as our dog owners were staying somewhere else.

The Premier Inn breakfast is pretty good value. For £6.99, you get unlimited everything from the continental breakfast menu, including:-

Twinings Tea
Fruit Juices
Freshly Baked Croissants
Cinnamon & Raisin Bagel
Pain au Chocolat
Blueberry Mini Muffins
Sourdough crumpets
Bread/Toast : White, Malted or Gluten Free
American Style Buttermilk Pancakes
Peanut Butter, Nutella, Golden Syrup, Marmalade, Honey, Marmite , Jams
Dried Fruit & Seeds
Fruit Salad
Grapefruit Segments
Yeo Valley Yoghurts
Kellogg’s Cereals

But as we all know, continental breakfast is not a breakfast. You need to upgrade to the full breakfast, which is £8.99. The extra two quid gets you all of the above plus as much as you want from the following:-

Back bacon
Eggs – Scrambled, Fried, Poached, Boiled, Omelette
Hash Browns
Bubble & Squeak
Black Pudding (not MOFAD approved!)
Closed Cup Mushrooms
Halved Grilled Tomatoes
Baked Beans

And it looks a little something like this (from Saturday morning):-

You order exactly what you want, this is not your standard hotel buffet with things sitting out in pools of grease under weak light bulbs. And you can order as much as you want, so you can go for a real blow out, or just have a reasonable amount to set you up for a day of walking in the hills.

Here is Sunday’s version:-

All in all, a pretty good breakfast, and pretty good value. My one complaint is that the tomatoes need grilling properly to caramelise them and bring out the natural sugars. It’s not the best time of year for tomatoes, wherever they came from, and these were a bit tart and underdone.

An easy option for breakfast if you are staying next door. We had a very happy and friendly server on Saturday morning too!