TPN 2016 #18

Another walking triple pork nirvana, and another one that was finished off in style at the Church House Inn, much like number 17 this year.

As with number 17, a full day of walking today, lots of ups and downs to make us earn our meals. We started the day with the traditional bacon and egg baps that kick off most of our walk days.

No pubs again on today’s walk, so we took our lunch with us, ham and cheese baps once more, as well as some crisps, cake and chocolate.

Back to the Church House for dinner, and as soon as I’d spotted ribs on the menu, I knew it was the dish to take me to triple pork nirvana once more!


A day of porky goodness!


Church House pub, Sutton, October 2016

It’s visit number three to the Church House. We were here a few weeks ago. We were here under 24 hours ago. We are back today.

After another great walk on an improving day (around 9 miles and lots of ups and downs) we had certainly earned our dinner tonight. We were expecting to be in the same room as last night (due to the lovely Ninja Hound being with us), but we had actually been “upgraded” into one of the main rooms. This was because Suzy had been so well behaved last night, and another group with a less well behaved dog had also booked for tonight.

This upgrade gave us a little more space to relax and enjoy our meals. First up some drinks, and I started with another Bosley Cloud from Storm Brewing after enjoying it last night.

As you’ve probably worked out by now, a camping and walking Saturday means that triple pork nirvana is alsmost certainly on, and you’d be right. Tonight it was finished off in some style, with spiced BBQ pork ribs, proper chips and some inconsequential bits of salad (nice attempt at a carrot flower though).

The ribs were really tender, and the BBQ sauce was just right, piquant and peppery without being cloying. Plenty of sauce to dip the chips into too 🙂 This was accompanied by another pint of Concept #14 from Mobberley Brewhouse, the fruity red ale that’s heavy on the malt and very tasty. Worked well with the spiced sauce.

You’ve probably also spotted that Mrs MOFAD can’t resist a curry, and that’s what she had here, a great pub korma.

A tempting pudding was on offer, so we gave in to the temptation of sticky toffee pudding.

Another great night at this fantastic village pub. You should definitely stop by if you find yourself camping just down the road or just passing through one day. Friendly, welcoming and with great food and drink, this is a great British pub.

TPN 2016 #10

Birthday triple pork nirvana! This is the first time it’s been achieved in years, due to various reasons. The missed opportunities don’t matter, all that matters is achieving nirvana when you can.

It started at Table Table in Springwood Park, with a full English:-


Nirvana continues at the Robin Hood in Rainow, with the classic that is sausage baguette:-


We save the best for last, with sticky Oriental ribs at the Vale Inn, Bollington:-


It’s probably the most exotic ending to a triple yet, although the Cumbrian pizza at Dodd’s is still one of my favourites. Not the first rib-based TPN either, as this visit to the Empress of Blandings rounded off another triple in the same way. However, these ribs were probably the tasiest of the MOFAD era.

The Vale Inn, Bollington

A birthday dinner usually means a trip to the pub. This weekend has involved several, but tonight was the big night.

We needed a pub that was dog friendly as Suzy the ninja hound was with us. The Vale Inn fitted the bill nicely. Since reopening in March 2005, the Vale Inn has made a name for itself as an ale and food pub at the heart of the friendly community. A real fire was a welcome sight on a cool night.

Rather handily, they have their own micro brewery in Bollington Brewing, which means there are always lots of their ales on tap, as well as two guest ales and several proper ciders. The menu changes with the seasons, and there’s also a specials board which changes more frequently.

On to the evening. Mrs MOFAD began with a Feral Nancy by CiderBeast. Unfortunately this was overly dry and astringent, not particularly pleasant.

I started with sticky oriental ribs, sweet and spicy and delightful. It’s not often I had ribs whilst out, but with triple pork nirvana at stake, it had to be some tasty pork.

Mrs MOFAD had very tasty halloumi starter was a nice introduction to the evening, it is so often just lightly cooked and bland, this was perfectly cooked whilst retaining the essential squeak of the squeakiest of cheeses.

My ribs were accompanied by a pint of Bollington Long Hop, delicious hoppy goodness and a perfect opener.

The main course was a juicy and moist fried chicken breast burger, with a very nice and spicy mayonnaise and some crisp potato wedges. Very tasty and very filling, with some token salad inside the bun.

I  had the Bollington Dinner Ale to accompany, a classic session bitter but it needs more hops.

There was something a bit different lined up for pudding. First it was time for another drink, this time a Bollington White Nancy (named after the white sugar loaf monument that can be seen on the saddle of Kerridge above Bollington). The beer was light, fruity and very drinkable.

The pub knew I was coming, so they added some artwork in honour of my birthday.

Time for the final flourish, Mrs MOFAD’s cake creation, which tasted as good as it looked. We all enoyed some chocolatey goodness, whilst attraction jealous looks from other tables.

And if all of that wasn’t good enough, I left with a box of beers, because they have a range of bottled Bollington beers for sale. A pub with great beer, great food, and then beer to take away? You can’t get much better than that! MOFAD approved!

The Empress of Blandings

A return visit to this lovely little pub. We came here on a previous New Forest trip with regular MOFAD companions Hazel & Matt, and had a lovely meal. They recently had their wedding reception here, which just shows what a lovely and friendly place it is. They were with us again tonight, along with sometime MOFAD companions Paul & John.

The Empress of Blandings is apparently the only building to be a member of the P.G Wodehouse society, named as it is after the fictional pig featured in many of the Blandings Castle stories by P. G. Wodehouse. Inside it is a shrine to all things Wodehouse and pig, with probably more pigs than there are cows in the cottage we are staying in this week. And there are over 100 cows in our cottage.

It is a member of the Hall & Woodhouse chain, although according to the pub sign it is a “Hall & Wodehouse” pub.

Tonight started with a pint of First Call, a standard amber bitter, not the golden ale it is described as on Untappd.

As you can see from the brief glimpse of the menu above, there are plenty of nice dishes to choose from. Ribs are something that you don’t see all that much of, and a new way to achieve triple pork nirvana, so they were the obvious choice.

And a very good choice too, very flavoursome, succulent and juicy, with a simple coleslaw on the side and a tasty bowl of chips. A perfect sized portion too, which leaves room for pudding…

A little more refreshment first, in the form of Glorious Game, a hoppy golden ale with three Slovenian hops (this might be a first for me).

Time for pudding. Chocolate is always my first choice, and this chocolate brownie shows why. Super chocolatey loveliness.

The Empress is most definitely MOFAD approved.