Brewery outlet of the year, 2016 – Fat Monk Brewing Co, Bridge Pa, New Zealand

This is a round up of some of the breweries and brewery taps that we visited in 2016. There were quite a few visits across the year, and many camping trips ended with bringing home a box or two of bottled beer. So this is my brewery (outlet) of 2016, based on those visited, not based on their output alone. Pub of the year will follow shortly…

Adnams Cellar & Kitchen featured in last year’s round up. We enjoyed our time in Suffolk so much in 2015 that we returned for a week in 2016. That led to lots of pub trips and adventures, and a lot of Adnams beer. It’s still worth a trip to the home of the Southwold mafia for a spot of lunch and shopping though. After a lazy Sunday morning (I’d cooked the customary full English earlier on) we had a stroll around Southwold, along the beach, along the pier and just generally mooched about the place.

If you want to know more about Adnams Cellar & Kitchen, then you can read the 2015 post. It’s pretty much identical to when we visited last year, with a few new beers and wines on offer.

On this visit, I opted for the Jack Brand Dry Hopped lager, something I’ve had in bottles before. From the keg it was certainly an improvement on the bottled version. It doesn’t live up to the hoppy promises of its blurb, “a super hoppy aroma of tropical fruits, citrus and passionfruit”, but it’s a decent effort that needs more hops.

Let’s quickly step back to 2015. Here is the smoked fish brewer’s board I had then:-


And now here is the October 2016 version:-

Not a lot has changed, in fact it could still be the same board, with more scratches and scrapes after 14 months of going through the dishwasher every day. The difference is the addition of shrimps and the switch of the horseradish and capers for a dill mayonaisse. The horseradish was very good with the mackerel and it was missed, but the 2016 board was still very tasty, very good fish and the bread was good too.

After lunch we went shopping…

The Beer Hall, Hawkshead Brewery, Staveley bookended the year. We visited in January for the full experience, and again today, New Year’s Eve, for a quick spot of shopping.

Even though the surrounding environment is perhaps less pleasing than some of the other contenders here (an industrial estate in Staveley), the great food and brilliant beer on offer ensure that it gets on to the list.


Hawkshead Brewery started life in 2002, just outside Hawkshead where they could brew around 8,500 pints of beer a week. In 2006 they moved over to Staveley, where they have been expanding ever since, increasing their brewing capacity and developing The Beer Hall.

We sampled several beers on our visit in January, as well as having the “Brewer’s lunch”, huntsman’s pie (pork, chicken and stuffing), Brodie’s Prime sausages (made with the beer of that name), parma ham, slices of local ham, black pudding, sticky bbq ribs, a pickled onion, piccalilli, salad, sourdough bread and butter. Great food and great beer. The lack of beers for Mrs MOFAD turned our December visit into just a shopping one. A shame, as it would have been nice to eat there again too.

Another pub/brewery combination comes next, with a trip to The Vale Inn, Bollington in April. For my birthday. Because it’s a pub with a brewery. There are always lots of Bollington Brewery ales on tap, as well as two guest ales and several proper ciders. The menu changes with the seasons, and there’s also a specials board which changes more frequently.

A feast of food and drink began with sticky oriental ribs, sweet and spicy and delightful. It’s not often I have ribs whilst out, but with triple pork nirvana at stake, it had to be some tasty pork.

Mrs MOFAD had very tasty halloumi starter, it is so often just lightly cooked and bland, this was perfectly cooked whilst retaining the essential squeak of the squeakiest of cheeses.

My ribs were accompanied by a pint of Bollington Long Hop, delicious hoppy goodness and a perfect opener.

The main course was a juicy and moist fried chicken breast burger, with a very nice (and spicy) mayonnaise and some crisp potato wedges. Very tasty and very filling, with some token salad inside the bun.

I  had the Bollington Dinner Ale to accompany, a classic session bitter but it needs more hops.

There was something a bit different lined up for pudding. First it was time for another drink, this time a Bollington White Nancy (named after the white sugar loaf monument that can be seen on the saddle of Kerridge above Bollington). The beer was light, fruity and very drinkable.

The pub knew I was coming, so they added some artwork in honour of my birthday.

Time for the final flourish, Mrs MOFAD’s cake creation, which tasted as good as it looked. We all enoyed some chocolatey goodness, whilst attraction jealous looks from other tables.

And if all of that wasn’t good enough, I left with a box of beers, because they have a range of bottled Bollington beers for sale. A pub with great beer, great food, a brewery and beer to take away? You can’t get much better than that!

However, the first three are about to get blown out of the water by the last three. It’s a slightly unfair fight, as the last three are all on the north island of New Zealand, where we were lucky enough to spend a couple of weeks in February/March.

The Shakespeare in Auckland is a hotel, a pub, a restaurant and a brewery all rolled into one, and was just a few hundred yards from our hotel. Everything has a Shakespeare theme, from The Bard pale ale to The Jester pilsner and “The Works of Shakespeare” burger….


That’s a burger, with a fried egg, bacon, beetroot, tomato, lettuce and a pineapple ring. Definitely the complete works of Mr S. A proper hand made burger, perfectly cooked, juicy and delicious. It lived up to their “best burger in Auckland” claim. We visited twice, on two separate stays in Auckland, and although the beer line ups didn’t rotate between visits, the beers were good. And there’s plenty of competition within walking distance, so they have to be on top of their game.

We now hit the road (in our motorhome) and find ourselves down at Crafty Trout Brewing Co in Taupo. This was somewhere I had been looking forward to visiting, and after a long day of walking (we’d been up to Huka Falls and Craters of the Moon), we walked a bit more to get back down in to Taupo and the Trout, to have some great pizzas and good beer.

As with many good brewery tap outlets, they keep their menu simple, with a choice of 8 pizzas, a schnitzel, pie, spare ribs, fish’n’chips, pasta or a cheese’n’meat platter (brewery taps love these) as well as a few other snacks. My “Wild Thing” pizza with venison, olives and spiced grape jelly was very good. As were the beers.


A lovely place in downtown Taupo.

We move on to our winner, Fat Monk Brewery in Bridge Pa, Hastings. That’s not the Hastings of King Harold getting an arrow in the eye. It’s the one in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. It was without doubt one of the highlights of the Great New Zealand Road Trip 2016. Here are a few words to explain why.

Great ales. Simple pizza. Sunshine. Tunes. Wines. Vines. Blue skies.

I’ll try and expand on that a bit. Back in March we did our version of the “Wineries ride” which is set out in the Hawkes Bay cycling guide. We came up with a modified version (as we pretty much always do), by starting our ride from our camp site in Hastings. This involved cycling through Hastings “city centre” (another New Zealand town abusing the word city), which was surprisingly quiet. There is plenty of well segregated cycling around, although it’s not all perfect. Once you leave Hastings, the paths start to separate from the road, and well packed gravel tracks soon take over, and are the dominant feature for the majority of the ride around the wineries.

Around 10 miles later, you are out of the “city” and well into wine territory. We made our first stop of the day at Abbey Cellars, which incorporates Fat Monk Brewery. You can probably guess why we wanted to come here.

We started off with a wine tasting (after a couple of glasses of water to rehydrate). We sampled a nice riesling, the “passion” rose, and a sweet Gabriel Chardonnay and dessert Malbec (both of which came home with us). A friendly and relaxed tasting.

Things don’t stop there. Further ingredients for the perfect lunchtime rest stop are now added to the mix. During the summer, Abbey put on the “summer sessions”. This involves local acts playing live music out in the back garden. You can sit out and listen whilst enjoying a glass of wine or two, a selection of food or some beers from their brewery.

Today was the turn of Ian Munro, a local act, with a mixture of his own songs and then acoustic covers of Layla, New Kid in Town, Waiting in Vain, Losing My Religion and that antipodean classic “Down Under”. We would have loved to have stayed to listen to it all, but there were more wineries to visit.

Lovely views all around…

So, on to the beer. Today there were four of their beers on tap, so we picked up a “flight” to enjoy out in the sun.

From left to right we have:-

Pilsner – citra hops in a pilsner – a first for me, and a perfect start in the blazing sunshine.

Pacific pale – a better IPA than the IPA, a tropical hoppy delight, utterly delicious.

American IPA – not pale enough (typical of anything classed as an American IPA), and the hops come through very late. A few more wouldn’t go amiss🙂

Raspberry wheat – good raspberry sourness, but suffers in comparison to the lovely hoppy hits from the others.

A lovely line up of beers, and there were more bottles available inside, but with other places to visit on the ride, you have to draw the line somewhere.

These alcoholic beverages need some food to accompany, and there are a few selections to choose from. We opted for some simple margharita pizzas – a simple food done well is a joy, and these were just perfect with a hoppy ale. Thin, crispy, delicious.

Look at all of the ingredients here. They all combine to make the perfect visit. This was a perfect few hours. If you are anywhere in the area, get here and spend some quality time in the sunshine with great food and drink, the combination of which make it my brewery outlet of 2016.

Pub of the month, March 2016, The Brewers Co-operative, Auckland

As with the beer of the month, this one is New Zealand heavy. In fact, it is totally New Zealand because we spent the first part of the month there and didn’t visit many pubs when we got back!

So many to choose from, so I’m just going to pick my top 3 for this month.

First up is last month’s winner, the Shakespeare Hotel and Brewery. It was an easy decision to come back again and tuck in to some more tasty food and some good beers. Mrs MOFAD had some cider too as she was not suffering with jet lag this time around.


On to our runner up, Crafty Trout Brewing Co in Taupo. This was somewhere I had been looking forward to visiting, and after a long day of walking (we’d been up to Huka Falls and Craters of the Moon), we walked a bit more to get back down in to Taupo and the Trout, to have some great pizzas and good beer. As with many good brewery tap outlets, they keep things simple with the menu, with a choice of 8 pizzas, a schnitzel, pie, spare ribs, fish’n’chips, pasta or a cheese’n’meat platter as well as a few other snacks. My “Wild Thing” pizza with venison, olives and spiced grape jelly was very good. As were the beers.


The Brewers Co-operative in Auckland is this month’s winner. Somewhere we visited twice, after spotting it on our first morning in the city. We popped in for a drink after dinner at The Shakespeare (above). The Brewers Co-operative are all about quality craft beer from around these isles, which is a pretty good decision, since there’s so much to choose from. After you’ve been here for a couple of weeks, you soon recognise some of the names like Garage Project, 8 Wired, Epic and Liberty.

On our second visit, we had dinner. They have a kitchen which specialises in fish dishes, and serves many of them in classic chip shop style, wrapped up in paper. Although I am a plate advocate, this lack of plates fits in perfectly with their laid back vibe. Lovely food, great beer, and a great place to escape the Auckland CBD.


A well deserved pub of the month!

250 posts

Yes, it’s another milestone post. Just over a year since the idea for the MOFAD blog appeared on my radar and I have already made it to 250 posts. Just a couple of months since the 200 mark was reached, and there’s a lot to reflect on.

Just a week after the last milestone, we visited a lovely village pub, The Nag’s Head in Stapleton. This featured a tasty burger in an interesting serving device:-


There was a brief musical interlude, and then a trip to London which generated eight posts, from places old and new, including The Monument pub on Fish Street Hill, which we visited before climbing the actual monument.


January also saw Eternal from Northern Monk crowned as beer of the month, and The Beer Hall in Staveley came out as pub of the month.

February was mostly about the great New Zealand road trip. There was time for another trip to The Marquis Wellington and a new Leicester venue for us, The Parcel Yard. Just a week later we found ourselves on the other side of the world, checking out food and drink venues in Auckland, such as Brothers Beer and the Shakespeare Hotel and Brewery, and then 2 days after that we were in Waihi Beach checking out the wonderful Flat White Cafe Bar.


There are still a lot of posts to come too. There are 7 more New Zealand posts in draft right now, with around 30 more still to come from the trip (we went to a lot of places including lots of wineries on 2 long cycle rides). There are another 7 other posts that need finishing up and a few more that will be generated in April.

The write up of Dodd’s Restaurant is the new top article with over 100 views and Triple Pork Nirvana continues to be the most popular page, spreading the word of pork (it’s still the first result on Google if you search for the term!) There are now visitors from Sri Lanka, Hungary and Tanzania.

The Facebook page is still proving popular and you can find the Minister on Twitter @The_MOFAD, where over 2,500 tweets have now made their way out into the world.

Right, time to get back to writing those posts…

The great New Zealand road trip 2016…

You may have spotted that I’ve been a bit quiet in the last few weeks, this is with very good reason. We have been touring around the North island of New Zealand in a motorhome, experiencing lots of great food and drink along the way.

What this means is that I have about 40 blog posts to write over the coming weeks (and possibly months!) which will cover just about everywhere we ate and drank, including on planes, camp sites with their own pizza ovens, quirky cafes, wineries, brewery taps and airport dining outlets.

To start you off, here’s a hastily cobbled together montage of some photos from my phone, there are over 500 to sort through from the “main” camera…

Flight NZ2 Los Angeles to London, March 2016

Nearly there! The last flight of the NZ 2016 epic adventure. Somehow, it’s still Saturday. Soon it will be Sunday. Another long flight and some more meals to keep you sustained through out.

The starter on this leg was prosciutto with rock melon, coriander salsa and queso blanco (cheese), with black olive bread.

Another interesting choice of main courses:-

Wood roasted chicken with curried fruit and nut rice, tahini garlic yoghurt sauce and steamed broccolini.

Soya basted cod with garlic chives, and hokkien noodles, snow peas and spring onions.

Slow cooked beef with crushed minted peas (the pea hammer is at work again), gingered sesame carrots and potato wedges – this was my choice and was another nice one.

A pear mousse cake to finish.

You might just spot some nasty American cheese in those photos. As I mentioned in the write up of NZ5, cheese should not bend.

Once again, a light breakfast is served before landing, this time, herb scrambled eggs with spiced turkey sausage (why waste a sausage casing by filling it with turkey?) and tomatillo salsa. There were also cereals and yoghurt.

After 4 flights with Air New Zealand, they are certainly MOFAD approved. Sky high dining is hard to get right and Air New Zealand have done very well.

Flight NZ2 Auckland to Los Angeles, March 2016

Another “post on a plane”. As our NZ adventure draws to a close, there are just a few more food opportunities to go. We left Auckland late on a Sunday evening, and after a small snack at the airport before take off, we were still hungry enough for some dinner, as we were about to start Saturday afternoon all over again.

Good food again on this leg of the journey, a light starter of lemongrass chicken with mint dressing, crispy shallots, cucumber and chive salad, organic sourdough bread.

Several choices of main course:-

Chicken tagine with olives, figs, chickpeas, sauteed kale and smoked yoghurt (!)

Paprika dusted hapuka (a native fish of NZ) with chive mash and sauce vierge

Slow cooked beef with wild mushroom jus, crushed parsnips and green beans – this was my choice and was tasty.

Pudding was apple and manuka honey (#obvs!) crumble torte with feijoa cream. Feijoa is another popular NZ fruit which has an odd soapy taste.

Before landing, a breakfast is served, a potato and spinach baked egg frittata with veal sausage and ratatouille with tomato relish. The ratatouille was a bit of a mis-step, it doesn’t quite work with everything else. And the sausage could do with some more browning!

Still another tasty in-flight meal though, Air NZ have really done a good job on their catering.



Shaky Isles, Auckland Airport

The great New Zealand road trip 2016 started with a burger at Heathrow Terminal 2, so it’s pretty appropriate that it ends in a similar fashion. Another 24 hours in the air lie ahead.

A burger for me, and halloumi bruschetta for Mrs MOFAD with avocado, tomatoes and smoked yoghurt. Appropriate to finish with some avocado too, a very popular fruit in these isles. Fries were extra, and as usual at this point in the holiday it’s a case of using up any spare local currency, so we skipped them!

E noho rā! Having just completed Saturday, it’s time to cross the international date line and start our second Saturday afternoon…

Return to The Brewers Co-operative, Victoria Street West, Auckland

Not even 24 hours later, and we’re back.

After a day out at the zoo, it was our final night in New Zealand (waiting for a plane tomorrow night doesn’t really count). Our visit here last night was enought to convince us to come back here for dinner tonight.

So, beer first, starting the night off with a Kettle Sour from Tuatara Brewery. A superb sour ale, like pear drops in beer form – this was stunning.

After some chat and some refreshment, dinner arrives. Classic chip shop style. I know that I am a committed advocate of plates but I’m going to forgive this one because it fits perfectly with the environment, and they are very open and up front about it.

Opening up reveals this selection of fishy delights:-

Squid rings, lobster bites, scallops, mussels, salmon cubes, all with good chips and tomato and tartare sauce – and you can get all of this to take away too, like a proper fish’n’chip shop. Quality fish, and washed down with some amazing beer. And here’s another one of those beers, an Armageddon IPA by Epic Brewing Company, an awesome smackdown of hops with malty and tropical fruit notes. [Edit : it won the title of beer of the month for March]

Mrs MOFAD had the fish of the day with potatoes and salad and a shrimp sauce. This was also delicious. It’s been great to enjoy so much fish here.

I finished up with a TPPA from Liberty Brewing, which promised hops from 4 countries, but was unfortunately unable to deliver on that hoppy promise. Nice enough, just lacking in those hops.

A quick decor shot, and yes those are ammo boxes on the wall. Other walls are decorated with cuttings from 1950s newspapers and adverts. Some excellent nostalgia to keep you entertained.

And what is the end of a holiday without a final night selfie?

A fantastic pub and eatery, MOFAD approved! A great way to round off the New Zealand road trip 2016! Recommended if you find yourself in the Auckland CBD.

The Brewers Co-operative, Victoria Street West, Auckland

A quick beery post. After another dinner at The Shakespeare, we decided to take another short stroll to find something new to drink.

We had passed the Brewers Co-operative way back on our first day in the city, on the way to Brothers Beer and The Food Truck Garage.

They are all about quality craft beer from around these isles, which is a pretty good decision, since there’s so much to choose from. After you’ve been here for a couple of weeks, you soon recognise some of the names like Garage Project, 8 Wired, Epic and Liberty.

They also have a kitchen which specialises in fish dishes – a quick peek at the menu and we had made up our minds to come back tomorrow for dinner.

Tonight we just had a drink, an 8 Wired Semiconductor Session IPA for me, which was a hoppy tropical delight, definitely a beer made with me in mind. Mrs MOFAD had a Crisp Apple Cider from Zeffer.

Excuse the arty photo, I was more interested in drinking this delicious hoppy beverage than photographing it.

We’ll be back tomorrow!

Return to the Flat White, Waihi Beach

After our previous visit, it was a foregone conclusion that we would return here when our itinerary brought us back. Originally, we were returning to Auckland via the west coast, but there was a walk in Karangahake (the Windows walk) that we didn’t want to miss. So we find ourselves back in Waihi Beach, and back at the same campsite.

After a lovely afternoon cycle down to Bowentown and back again, we had worked up an appetite, so strolled down here for some dinner.

First up, a Hallertau “pilsnah” (their spelling), light and easy drinking with a hint of hops.

So to the starter, and it was another easy choice, “pork belly sliders” (a kind of mini-burger), featuring slow braised pork belly, a barbecue sauce and apple cider “slaw”.

These were utterly delicious. The pork was tender and not at all fatty like some belly pork can be.

Next up, a glass of Hallertau red ale – full of hoppy delights.

On to the main event, King fish with fish cake, prawns, hollandaise sauce and salad. Once again, this was delicious. Really lovely flavours, and excellent height on the presentation.

And so, to pudding.

Chocolate brownie – this was equally delicious. It was touch and go as to whether we would get some. The dessert fridge was a hive of activity, with dishes coming and going every few minutes. Luckily we pounced in time to secure this chocolatey goodness.

What a brilliant place, one of my favourites of the whole trip. The Flat White is anything but flat.