Hilton, Glasgow, November 2018

A sad hotel breakfast. Hilton was one of those names that you always used to associate with high quality hotels. The Glasgow one has lovely views of the M8 (you could drop a packet of UHT milk onto it from my bedroom window) and pretty tired rooms. If you’re arriving on foot (from the very convenient airport bus), it’s a pretty unpleasant experience.

The main reception area is quite impressive, but as soon as you step out of the lifts on the higher floors, the age begins to show. The breakfast area also feels more modern, but the sad mass catering stuff that is left out in heated dishes soon dispels that feeling. And the coffee is utterly terrible, burnt beyond recognition.


Overdone beans, hash browns that have been hanging around for too long, sad eggs, anaemic bacon. The sausages were reasonable at best. Fodder for a day of work, no more. If you have the choice, stay elsewhere. There was equally unimpressive catering at lunchtime for the meeting that I was at.

Hyatt Regency, Denver, October 2018

My home for the week, but this is going to be the only post about it, because apart from sleeping here and meeting a few people before dispersing elsewhere, it’s not somewhere we’ve chosen to eat or drink.

Meetings two and three today were here, with a briefing from a super-global-mega-corp (revenue in 2018, $40 billion) who decided that they could manage to buy one drink for their guests, alongside a few bowls of crisps (well, tortilla chips, since despite their president’s dislike of Mexico, they sure do like their Mexican dishes).


This Odell IPA was a lovely bit of bitterness. Looking back through my Untappd history, I spotted that I’d had an Odell imperial porter way back in December 2014. I was not far away from their tap room the other day, but I didn’t get time to stop by. They seem to have found their way into plenty of downtown drinking establishments, a real Colorado success story.

Since I won’t get another post about it, a quick few words on the Hyatt. It’s incredibly convenient for the Colorado Convention Centre, spanning 14th and 15th Street. Apart from that, there’s not much else really going for it. I had several issues with my bookings (one corporate, one personal), starting on arrival on Saturday night. The last thing you want when you step off a plane and into a hotel is to have hassle about the credit card used to pay for your room.

That’s what I got. Due to a timing issue, the card used to pay for most of the booking (not mine) was declined. So I had to authorise a payment on my own card before I could check in. They seemed to view me as some kind of criminal. Then, when a new authorisation was sent across today, they apparently couldn’t open the PDF file, and wanted it faxing across. Faxing. In 2018.

Interesting that I managed to open the same PDF file, and print it, on their “airport check in” PC kiosks (they hadn’t realised that you can open a new tab in the browser and just use any page on the web). All in all, not the greatest of customer service experiences.

Edit : a few days later and this did all get sorted out, but it took way too long.

Edit 2 : on checking out on the Saturday, they tried to charge me for a breakfast, or several, on Sunday morning. I didn’t eat anything from the hotel bars/restaurants, so they said it would be sorted. I had paid for the last night myself.

Edit 3 : my credit card bill has arrived. The breakfast charge is still there. I have contacted them to query this.

Edit 4 : they have sent me a new bill. It contains the $47.20 breakfast charge for a breakfast or breakfasts that I didn’t have. Another e-mail, increasingly snotty, has been fired off.

Edit 5 : no explanation, no apology, but they have finally refunded the spurious breakfast charge. It is now December.

Renaissance Hotel, Denver, October 2018

Another quick post from Denver. As I’ve already mentioned, I’m here with the day job, which is in full flow today, with four different meetings in three different places downtown. Most of the day will be spent at the Renaissance, a Denver hotel that was built inside the former Colorado National Bank. During the renovation, they added two new floors to the building, whilst retaining most of its features, including the three-story atrium with classical marble colonnades and 16 large murals depicting the life of Native Americans on the plains. Three of the bank’s massive vaults were also retained, including the basement meeting room where we are spending some of the day. The thought of doing some kind of Ocean’s 11 re-enactment did cross our mind.


The coffee was a bit ropey, but the buffet lunch (chicken legs, vol au vents, cheesecake) was not too bad, with some nice pizza (still warm from the oven), braised chicken breast and some salad and other bits.


A nice hotel for a meeting, and it’s cool to explore all of the old bank vault bits and pieces. Oh, and they also had small TV screens inset into the mirrors in the toilets so you could watch ESPN Sports News (or whatever the equivalent of Sky Sports News is) whilst you wash your hands. Yes, they really did have those.

The King’s Head Hotel, Thirlmere, January 2018

It’s the first day of #tryanuary. So a trip to the pub is certainly in order. As ever, we do it the hard way, by sticking a hill somewhere along the route and getting up and down it before lunch. Today, that was Great How. Puzzlingly, it’s not a Wainwright, so our total for 2018 is zero for now. We got to the top and enjoyed lovely sunshine and great views. As soon as we were back at the bottom, the skies decided that it was time to open, and we walked the rest of the way to the pub in the rain. A classic Lakes walk.

We came to this pub almost exactly a year ago (on the day that started our hatred of the stupidly over-priced 555 bus). So we knew that they serve food all day, perfect when you’re out walking and you’re not exactly sure when you will arrive at the pub for lunch.

A similar sandwich to last year, but they got my order right today and delivered the requested ham and cheese instead of bacon and brie (technically ham and cheese).

The salad has shrunk a bit, but the pickle/chutney now comes in a little dish. Warm and tasty and just the thing to help dry out on a soggy day.

You’ll note the lack of beer, despite being the first day of #tryanuary. When all they’ve got is some Jennings beers which haven’t been locally owned since 2005, then I’ll save myself for some independent local beers later on. Tryanuary is about supporting local pubs and independent breweries, so whilst I’m happy that we supported a local pub, I don’t want any beer money going back to Wolverhampton. This rejection of anything owned by the Marston’s empire may seem a bit snobbish, but I just prefer to support smaller local breweries rather than the enormous beer conglomerate.

Mamma Mia, Vidamar Resort Hotel, Algarve, October 2017

We always like to finish a holiday with a meal out. The hotel that we’ve been staying at all week has an Italian restaurant attached (not quite what you’d expect in Portugal, but there we go). Hotel guests can dine there at a discount, and they accept non-residents too, so a group of us decided to make this our dinner place for tonight.

We booked a table for 8pm, arrived on time, ordered drinks and food.

At 9:17pm the first part of our dinner arrived, for those of us that had chosen starters. We had a few preferences between us that needed to be accommodated, but we had already discussed these in advance when making our booking, and were assured there would be no problems.

There were problems. They were just unable to cope with more than 2 customers at a time. When you are absolutely starving, this is absolutely the worst.

The eternal dilemma over starters reared its head, some of us ordered one, others didn’t. Those that didn’t really regretted it, as they needed some kind of sustenace whilst waiting for almost 90 minutes for the main course to arrive.

Eventually it did, and mine was a rather average calzone, lots of dough and not a lot of filling. Others weren’t even this lucky, as not everything arrived as we had requested, and a few things were cold/undercooked.

All in all a very underwhelming experience for a pizza restaurant attached to a 5 star hotel. At least there was a nice view of the pool on our way back to the hotel.

An underwhelming end to a bit of an underwhelming stay at a place that promises much on its website.

Ocean Buffet, Vidamar Resort Hotel, Algarve, October 2017

The “all in” hotel buffet. This is not our natural environment. When we go on holiday we are either camping or self-catering, generally never staying in an actual hotel for more than a couple of nights, and usually with no more than breakfast included so we can explore local pubs and restaurants.

This week has been different, as we’ve been staying in the same hotel all week, exploring the local coastline on foot, making ham and cheese sandwiches in our room to take out for a picnic lunch, and then coming down for dinner each night as it was included in our package cost.

There are different themes each night, but many of the same dishes appear regularly. You know the format, huge heated trays full of various foods which go cold too quickly in the air conditioned environment of the huge dining room. The international buffet really seems to lack anything particularly Portugese, no porco preto (black pig), no bacalhau (traditional cod dish), no alheira de mirandela (traditional sausage), no posta mirandesa (Portugese roast beef cooked over fire), no arroz de tamboril (kind of a monkfish paella).

There was a cataplana on a few nights (seafood stew), but most of the dishes had more American and other European roots, like hot dog night, burger night and various other things. It just didn’t feel like Portugal.

As well as the usual trays of stuff, there were a couple of “freshly cooked” stations, where fish or meat would be barbecued/grilled fresh in front of you, or fresh pasta dishes created. These all had the longest queues, as people had worked out that this was where the hottest food was coming from, such as these fresh steaks…

There was also the usual selection of cold meats, salads, soup, rolls and the like, and various cold desserts such as ice creams, fruit salads, yoghurt, mousse and even the odd pastel de nata (the Portugese custard tart that everyone now knows because it was on Bake Off).

Drinks are not included in the price, so you can choose from various varieties of Eurolager “Super Bock”, of which the stout variety is probably the best.

After a while, the buffet becomes very underwhelming, but without taking a taxi to a nearby town, there are very few other options in this area, so you dutifully come down for dinner because you have to, rather than because you’re looking forward to it.

Sunset Bar, Vidamar Resort Hotel, Algarve, October 2017

Lovely autumn sunshine. We like to go away for a week of holiday in October, but this year it’s something a bit different. We are out in the Algarve as a friend is getting married here next weekend. We decided to join these two events together, having a week of rest and relaxation ahead of the wedding.

After leaving behind a gloomy England, we flew in to Faro this morning and transferred from the airport via a pleasant car journey, listening to Portugal’s up to date radio station playing lots of 80s classics. The past!

We arrived at the hotel just before lunchtime, and our room wasn’t ready yet, so we changed into some more suitable clothes, left our bags at reception and walked around the pool to the hotel cafe bar. This is the only place to have lunch at the resort, and is the only thing that’s not included in the room rates.

Just over the horizon, you might just make out a glimpse of the sea, which is just down a private boardwalk (you need your hotel key card to access it). It’s certainly a pleasant little place.

However, it does seem to have been invaded by London hipsters. The trend of putting food on silly boards has reached the Algarve. I didn’t bring my “We Want Plates” t-shirt on holiday as I was sure it wouldn’t be required, but I think that I should have. Time to start the Portugese branch of “queremos placas”.

The club sandwich appeared on a silly board, with a slightly waxed replica of an old London newspaper underneath, which was just even more odd. The food was nice enough, not exactly 4 star hotel quality but perfectly reasonable, and reasonably priced. Just a shame it wasn’t on a plate.

Finally, a cautionary tale. If you are taking a camera on holiday with you, and you happen to be taking a camera cleaning kit that you’ve recently bought but not used yet, do check what exactly is included in that cleaning kit. You might have a little “air blower” which can be used for blowing dust out of various camera bits. It might be shaped a bit like my one. Just imagine what this might look like on an airport X-ray machine:-

East Midlands Airport staff initially suspected me of attempting to smuggle a grenade, but a sharp eyed scanner operator had obviously seen this before and asked if I had a camera cleaning kit, which was duly inspected and passed as safe. An amusing start to the holiday!