Kingfisher Fish and Chips, Keswick, January 2018

We do love a bit of classic fish’n’chips. In Keswick, you are spoilt for choice, with three to choose from. This year we opted for The Kingfisher, as they are top of the Tripadvisor pops.

It was a good choice. Look at that lovely big lump of cod. Freshly cooked to order, and really nice. Juicy flakes of fish, crisp batter and lovely chips. And enormous portions. Mrs MOFAD opted for scampi as usual (no chance of a Yorkshire fishcake in Cumbria).

Cracking fish’n’chips and we’ll be back when we’re next in town.


The Coach and Horses, Kibworth, November 2017

A sunny Saturday stroll today, with regular walking friends and a couple more who we hadn’t seen for a while. We started in Glooston (yes, it’s a real place) and had parked next to the village hall and village pub. We walked almost 7 miles, and got back to our starting point at just after 2:30pm.

Sadly this was too late for the village pub, as they stop serving food at 2pm, one of my pet hates. Luckily we had already catered for this eventuality, and had found a sensible pub that doesn’t close their kitchen at 2pm. So along with Mrs MOFAD and regular walking and dining companions Karon and John, I took a short drive, taking in part of the route home, and we arrived in Kibworth and walked straight into this lovely welcoming pub, with a fire crackling away in the corner.

They’ve recently had a refurbishment, and they’ve done a nice job, keeping the character of the pub, but just making everything clean and fresh. We turned right into the small dining room, perused the menu and then popped up to the bar to order.

A late lunch for us today, so drinks and sandwiches were in order. A couple of decent cask ales on (Hobsons Best, a familiar face from near Ludlow, and Purity Mad Goose from Warwickshire).

Some nice sandwiches to choose from, Mrs MOFAD opted for the tuna melt on sourdough, and the rest of us chose the posh fish finger sandwich.

And a posh fish finger sandwich it was indeed. Lovely soft bloomer, delicious crispy beer battered fish goujons, tasty fat and crispy chips, and a little pot of lightly mushed peas, which make a good dip for your chips.

Lovely food, friendly staff and a nice atmosphere. A cracking little pub right on the A6, so it’s very easy to get to. We’ll be back when we’re next in the area.

The Beehive, Combs, Derbyshire, September 2017 #2

Here we are again. Last night we booked a table for tonight. We were lucky to get one, as they only had a couple of slots left, at 6 and “just after 8ish”. It’s just as well that we went for “just after 8ish”, because at 6 we were just finishing off our walk for the day (which was lovely, a perfect day for walking and we had picked a great circuit). There was just enough time to get back to the camp site for a cup of tea followed by a shower.

We arrived just after 8ish, and our table wasn’t yet vacated. No problem, we had a drink at the bar and a chat with the staff whilst things were being sorted out. Here is that drink at the bar, another pint of Thornbridge Rattlesnake, a reliable cask IPA.

Enough bantz, the table was now ready. We’d had time to peruse the menus and the specials board. We all gravitated to the specials board, and to exactly the same point on the specials board. We all ordered the cod wrapped in parma ham, with spinach mash and a cream sauce.

It was both delicate and delicious and we all demolished it in double quick time. Which left plenty of time for pudding. On our previous visit earlier this year, the chocolate and candied lime tart was a big favourite. It was on last night but someone had swiped the last one. Luckily there was a replacement on tonight, with this chocolate and candied orange tart.

It was equally lovely, but the lime one just edges it. Because lime. I’m not a squirty cream fan, but it does at least add a touch of moisture to complement the crisp pastry. No soggy bottom here.

Yet another lovely visit to this lovely pub. I’m out of praise for it, because it’s just great. I’m sure we’ll be back again next year on another camping trip…

The Beehive, Combs, Derbyshire, September 2017 #1

If this pub looks familiar, that’s because it is. This is now our fifth visit, coinciding with our third stay at the Combs Valley Campsite just up the road. A reduced party today, with just Mrs MOFAD and myself, along with regular MOFAD companions Karon & John. No ninja hound meant that we got to experience the other room. We had wondered about visiting the other pub at the other end of the road, but this pub has always been so good, so why change for the sake of change?

Speaking of change, we had to change our first beer order, because the one we wanted was not up to scratch, so the bar staff had removed it from service. Just the standard house ale to start then, brewed by Wychwood and branded here as Beehive bitter.

What else on a Friday but fish’n’chips? There were a few interesting specials on (including the fish platter that many of us have had on previous visits) but it just had to be fish’n’chips for me.

Lovely piece of fish, good crisp batter, good pub chips and some peas. Simple and tasty. If you do it right, it’s hard to beat. A great combination, made better when accompanied by a solid cask IPA in the form of Thornbridge Rattlesnake.

We had been walking this afternoon, so decided that we had earned a pudding. The tasty Beehive sundae was my choice:-

This is just a great village pub. Lovely people, lovely pub.

The Brotherswater Inn, Sykeside, Cumbria, August 2017 #4


That has been the over-riding theme of today. The forecast was very specific. Rain coming in around lunchtime. And not leaving until late evening. So we were up and out, off to bag another Wainwright. Very much a “there and back” walk, get up, get back down, and get back under cover until the rain passes.

After an afternoon of unceasing rain, we wondered if it would ever be dry again. When we arrived on Thursday, we had to pitch our awning in a swamp. The swamp had started to recede, but as the afternoon wore on, the swamp was back and bigger than ever. Squelch squelch. The only sensible option is to retire to the pub.

We did just that. After a good effort at finishing it up, the Eden Valley had gone, and was replaced by Ullswater Blonde, also from Eden Brewery. I’ve had this beer every year for the last three, and the current batch seems lighter in colour than previous brews. An easy drinking golden ale.

Food next, and after a cool and wet afternoon (if only we’d brought our radiator in August!) a warming bowl of smoked haddock chowder was just what was needed. A lovely mini loaf of bread accompanied it, but I wasn’t convinced about the salad. It doesn’t seem to fit with the creamy chowder (which was very nice).

And after plenty of properly plated meals, we have a double whammy of disappointment. A slate set into a bread board. Why, cruel fate, why? Why not just a plate?

Luckily, the plate was around for the pudding (often a prime candidate for a slate). This dark chocolate delight with raspberry ripple ice cream and a few raspberries was a lovely end to the meal, the richness of the chocolate being cut through by the raspberries.

Mrs MOFAD opted for the Cumbrian classic of sticky toffee pudding, which was sticky and delicious.

We’ve had lots of lovely meals at The Brotherswater Inn. When you are a captive campsite audience, it’s always a worry in case it doesn’t turn out to be very good, or there’s a limited menu. This was not the case. A lovely pub with lovely food and beer. Perfect for a campsite.

The Brotherswater Inn, Sykeside, Cumbria, August 2017 #1

Camping again! We were last here 3 years ago, almost to the day. We loved the camp site, a perfect place to pitch up and just do walks from the camp site. It was rather moist on arrival today, raining on and off during the journey, and there’s obviously been a lot of rain since we we up here in June, as the camp site was a bit of a quagmire in places. Including the pitch that we’d been allocated (number 13 which is the same one we had last time). For the first time in a few years we had brought the awning with us, and we had to pitch that in the swamp. So we got a bit wet and muddy.

The rain didn’t really stop, so we retired to the pub for dinner, as planned. On a busy August evening, the pub was packed, but we managed to grab the last free table. They don’t take reservations, so it’s first come first served. More people arrived later, and there was a reasonable turnover of tables, so everyone was happy.

To the bar to order. A pint of Tirril Eden Valley for me, one I’ve had before, but it was rather disappointing last time, so it was good to try it again. Mrs MOFAD had some Kingstone Press cider, which is one she has enjoyed before.

After paying a pound for an hour (I paid a pound), we used the wifi to check the weather forecast and plan our walks for the next few days. Whilst this was happening dinner arrived. For Mrs MOFAD, chicken stuffed with chorizo and wrapped in bacon. For me, this simple smoked haddock linguine, with a creamy sauce, parmesan and some garlic bread.

Just the thing to fill the hole on a night like tonight.

It was accompanied by a pint of Barngates Pale Ale, which is a new one to me. A decent bitter pale ale and only 3.3% – very easy to #keepitsession with that.

No pudding tonight (we haven’t earned one), so we ventured out into the rain and back to watch a bit of TV…

I must add a brief note about this very lovely beer that we brought with us.

A peanut butter milk stout will probably go one of two ways. Either awesome or awful. This one was awesome, sweet and nutty, utterly delicious, smooth flavours and a wonderful nutty aroma.

Mother Hubbards Fish & Chips, Swaffham, Norfolk, July 2017

Another takeaway post, and a rather impromptu one at that. If you’d asked me yesterday morning what I’d be eating tonight, I would have said curry, at home, as per.

Due to an urgent family matter, we needed to be in Swaffham this weekend. Have I ever told you that the architect who designed our kitchen extension also designed the public toilet block in Swaffham? Well, I have now.

So on an overcast Friday evening, I found myself in a long queue outside this chip shop. Possibly the longest chip shop queue that I’ve ever been in. That has to be a good sign right?

Indeed it was. Three delicious portions of fish’n’chips were served up, alongside a little tub of home-made tartare sauce (no squeezy sachet nonsense).

There was plenty of choice, three sizes of cod, two of haddock, two of rock, plaice, skate, wholetail scampi, fishcakes, cod roe, saveloys, sausages, spring rolls, pies, burgers, fried chicken, battered mushrooms and plenty of moisteners in the form of beans, curry sauce, peas (mushy or not) and gravy. They also do pizzas and garlic bread, jacket potatoes and salads. There are also desserts. And a whole cabinet of fresh doughnuts.

A cracking fish’n’chip shop with lovely friendly staff, and you can see why it is so popular (there were no queues outside Mr Chips on the other side of the market place). Definitely the place to go if you find yourself in this charming sleepy market town.