Curry Cabin, Hope, April 2017

After our customary first visit to the Old Hall Hotel beer festival, we popped across the road to Cury Cabin to order our dinner. We were soon walking back up to our cottage with some nice fresh curries.

I am often a creature of habit, and having consulted the archives, I opted once again for the monkfish curry, and it was very nice, much like last time. You don’t often see a monkfish curry so I always like to have it when I see one. Very tasty, good flavours but not enough to overpower the monkfish.

Curry Cabin is a great little curry house in Hope, and is definitely recommended.

The Sherwin Arms, Bramcote, March 2017

It’s another trip to the pub with no beer. We came here twice in January and enjoyed some good chat with friends and some pleasant pub grub, but no beer, as Greene King “IPA” doesn’t count.

The same story tonight. Good chat with friends old and new, and pleasant pub grub. My “fusion” food was this chicken burger, which lacked the advertised bacon, cheese and BBQ sauce, but was perfectly pleasant. The fusion part came from the poppadom, which I was given by Mrs MOFAD, who had two of them with her chicken tikka (pleasant pub curry).

No drink review again, maybe one day they will have some actual beer or cider available here, but today was not that day. A pleasant pub to catch up with friends. As usual on a Thursday there was a pub quiz on, although the member of staff in charge was obviously not used to being in charge of a pub quiz, and was rather struggling. We couldn’t stay (work in the morning), so waved our goodbyes and left.

The Dog & Duck, Shardlow

It’s another chain pub post. Tomorrow is our friend Steve’s 65th birthday, so he was having a get together in a handy nearby pub. We’ve been here once or twice before, as with most of the other pubs in Shardlow. Reasonably well placed for the East Midlands triangle of Nottingham, Derby and Leicester, it’s quite a popular place.

Not too much to say tonight, as it was all about catching up with people we’ve seen a few times already this year as well as few people who we’ve not seen for a while. It’s a Marstons pub, so there’ll be some beers from the empire on, a few interesting bottles, and then some rubbish “ciders” like Strongbow and Old Mout. There’s occasionally something you’ve not spotted before, like Banks’ Sunbeam, but it’s probably not been kept well.

Loads of things to choose from on the menu, and it’s permanently two-for-one, so two main courses and two drinks come in at £18 which is pretty decent value.

Tonight I spotted this chicken burrito on the specials board. A pretty decent effort, and probably the spiciest thing I’ve had in a pub for quite a while. The salad was a welcome addition, although the nachos were a little half hearted (hardly melted cheese and very thin sour cream). Nachos should be a thing of golden beauty and these were just a thing of meh. A shame as the burrito was decent.

Not a bad effort, the food was better than the beer. Luckily the company was great, and that was the point of being there. A good birthday celebration.

Sherwin Arms, Bramcote, January 2017

A quick and simple post this one. Although we’ve been to the pub nearly every day for the last week or so, another opportunity presented itself as we were off to meet some friends near Nottingham and catch up with what everyone has been up to over the Xmas period.

So to this familiar pub we went, a Flaming Grill pub. This is a chain that you’ll find all around the Midlands, the south east and parts of the north west (although none in Cumbria). As with most chains, they always have various deals on, 2 meals for £X or buy this get that for £1 – you know the sort of thing.

Tonight we were just looking for something simple so Mrs MOFAD had the chicken tikka (she is attempting triple curry nirvana – three curries in three nights). I opted for “The Codfather” – cod and chips with peas, tartare sauce and bread and butter for your chip butty – this final ingredient is most important. You should never pass up the opportunity for a chip butty!

Decent enough pub fish’n’chips, Mrs MOFAD liked the curry. Pleasant chain pub grub.

No beer review tonight, because I didn’t have one. I’ve not gone mad and started doing dry January, but with only Greene King “IPA” available, it was a no from me.

There was a pub quiz on, but it started after 9pm and I had to be at work again in the morning so we passed on that and headed off…

The King’s Arms, Hathern

A quick post about a quick trip. We’d been out earlier on this evening as Mrs MOFAD was selling Wooly Things (and Shiny Things) at a small craft fair in support of the Long Whatton Santa Train. We had considered the pubs in the village and whilst the food looked nice, we wanted something simple and quick tonight. We’ll try them out another time.

So we drove back towards Hathern, to a pub where we’ve been a few times before, but not for a while. The King’s Arms is a Marston’s pub, so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting. A range of different food options and several beers from the Marston’s empire, including Ringwood and Jennings and a few others that look like they are not from the empire, but they are.

Shipyard American Pale Ale is brewed in Wolverhampton (home of so many shipyards), and is a new interpretation of Shipyard’s Independence Pale Ale (which is made in Portland, Maine, which does have shipyards). It’s not as American as it pretends to be…

My choice today was the Jennings seasonal ale Red Breast:-

There were a few tables free in the bar area, so we grabbed one and then ordered our dinner. Mrs MOFAD likes a pub curry, so it was chicken tikka masala for her, although the “large naan bread” advertised on the menu was about the size of half a pitta bread, and certainly not large!

I was keeping it simple with the BBQ chicken burger, crispy buttermilk chicken goujons with cheese, salad and BBQ sauce, served with chips and coleslaw.

It was simple and tasty, good standard chain pub grub, served quickly and just what we were after tonight.

The Apple Tree, West Bridgford, December 2016

Two pubs in one day? It’s a risk that you have to be prepared to take at this time of year 🙂 After a lovely lunch with my team at The Otter, tonight Mrs MOFAD and I were off to meet some friends for a birthday bash at another pub, this time The Apple Tree in West Bridgford, where we were robbed in a pub quiz on a previous visit (with many of the same people who were here tonight).

Nothing inspiring on the pumps tonight. So into the fridges for a bottle of Hiver honey beer which I’d heard of a while ago but never had. Imagine taking a lager and stirring in a teaspoon of honey. You’d get this.

After a full lunch, I wanted to keep it light, so opted for the sea bass with “crushed” new potatoes (they looked more pulverised than crushed), beans and peas and a lemon beurre blanc sauce. Actually, I think the menu describes the potatoes as “buttery baby potato champ”, and they are certainly not that which is why I mistook them for crushed. It was a bit of a mess really.

No matter, this was not a fine dining experience, just some food with friends. The sea bass (the important bit) was good, not over cooked and the sauce worked well. Just a shame that the veg were just a bit meh, but after such a nice lunch I wasn’t all that bothered. The food was much better for me last time, although Mrs MOFAD had a very good chicken tikka makhani. When you have over 30 options on your main menu, it can be hard to make sure they are all coming out at their best.