The Needle & Pin Craft Beer Club – selection box #14 – November 2018

The 30th box of beery delights to cross my threshold. Two familiar brews in here and four new ones, a couple of session beers, a few mid strengths, and a big DIPA beast.

Black Iris – East Midlands Pale – 6.0%

One that I had last month, a lovely clean hop bitterness to this one.

Cloudwater – DDH Pale Citra Ekuanot Mosaic – 5.5%

This 16 g/L double dry hopped pale features Citra BBC backed up by Ekuanot BBC and Mosaic BBC, whilst the malt base includes dextrin malt, flaked oats and wheat malt for body and texture. A classic Cloudwater hop profile and very easy drinking.

Cloudwater – System Failure – 9.0%

Here comes the big beast.

Brewed with Bagby Beer Co. in San Diego, this Imperial IPA is fully West Coast, using a staggered blend of classic US hops in the kettle for a complex flavour and bitterness, and a neutral West Coast ale yeast for a bright finish to let the hops shine. I’m looking forward to this one.

Magic Rock – Saucery – 3.9%

A supernatural session IPA made for drinking all day long. Lightly sweet and malty Golden Promise malt, a balanced bitterness and layers of tropical fruit filled Citra and Ekuanot hops in whirlpool and dry hop. Fermented with London Ale II yeast to add more fruity body, and enhance malt and hop profile…. Same again? Yes please! Lovely session bitterness and hoppiness.

North Brewing – Sputnik – 5.0%

Or “SPTK” if you just read the can through a fridge door with no access to further information. A gently hoppy pale ale that I first found in the Hawkshead beer hall, and you can also find it in Booths.

Tiny Rebel – Mosaic Milkshake – 4.2%

The second instalment of the Milkshake series, where the tropical and herbaceous notes of Mosaic are smoothed out by the creaminess of loads and loads and loads of lactose. Creamy, tropical, bitter, sweet. This milkshake brings all the hops to the yard.


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