Clapham Cafe, Bunkhouse and Bar, Clapham, August 2018

Another quick post. I would like to tell you about the cafe bit and the wonderful array of cakes and pastries that they have on offer. However, I have no idea if they actually have any of these things, because this cafe follows the Linda Smith rule of tea shops – in that it closes around 30 minutes before you want to have some tea and cake.

Imagine that you owned a cafe at the foot of one of Yorkshire’s three peaks, right next to a big car park full of cars whose owners have been walking up the nearby hill. Would you slavishly close at 5pm in high summer when people could be still be out walking? No, neither would I.

Instead, here is the beer that I had, accompanied by my own choice of snack. This was Bob On by Copper Dragon, full of massive bitterness and a refreshing pint after a long day out on the fells.


Cafes in high traffic tourist areas – stop closing so early! We want cake!

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