Brewdog Fanzine issue 8, July 2018

Yes, we’re diving into another fanzine box, dominated by sequels this time and one new thing, although even that is a resurrection of something brewed for last year’s prototype challenge. Let’s hope it’s better than the prototypes I had last year, because the Prototype Blonde I had in Liverpool was blandness personified.

Pulp Patriot v2 – 9.5% – DDH NE DIPA

This 9.5% milkshake DDH NE DIPA packs mango and peach, while doubling down on the intense hop profile. Milk sugar further sweetens and rounds out the full, juicy flavour.

I’ve still not had v1 yet, I’ve been saving a few of the bigger beasts.

King of Eights v3 – 7.4% – IPA

Three rounds of dry-hopping cranks the fruity, pungent hop aromas through the roof – melon, pine, lemon peel, mango, pineapple; all layered on a smooth, full base that barely registers by bitterness.

Lets hope that they’ve improved on both v1 and v2, the first one was a kind of tribute act NEIPA, and the second one was all Citra and not much more.


Technicolour Black – 6.5% – Black IPA / Cascadian Dark

An aggressive black IPA with a spicy hit of rye; layers of resinous pine, lime leaf, bitter coffee and dark chocolate. Intense flavours for lovers of bitterness.

My review begs to differ, as it simply says “nothing much to report”.

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