Mr Singh, Curry King, Riverside Caravan Park, Hurley, June 2018

Yes, another camping/takeaway crossover post. Just like last night, a local business arrives at the campsite to cook up tasty food for hungry campers. From an old converted VW Camper van, which fits right in on a campsite.

Mr Singh is a home delivery service, cooking up curry creations in the kitchen at home and sending them out for delivery in the local area, as well as taking the camper van out and about to events as well as regular bookings like turning up at this campsite.


They have a simple menu of just a few items (as you might expect from a home kitchen outfit) which have been cooked at home and are kept warm on portable stoves. When we arrived they had nearly sold out, so we got the last of the achari chicken (one of my favourites), the last naan, and some pilau rice and a chicken tikka.

There’s also a jar of free lollipops on the counter, so you can have a little sweet treat while you wait or when you’ve finished. Nice friendly people, we had a good chat whilst waiting for our dinner, which was very tasty and had that home made level of spiciness (more spice than your average high street curry).

The Catherine Wheel, Henley-on-Thames, June 2018

Is this the worst Wetherspoon’s in the country? In my experience so far, yes. We arrived on a Saturday lunchtime, and it was reasonably busy, but not totally packed out, a bit of a surprise as the World Cup is on and they were showing it on their various long in the tooth TVs with BBC News idents burnt into the screens.

It’s a massive pub/hotel, big enough to have two separate bar areas. They serve mostly different beers too, save for the flavourless big lager company “lagers” which appear on both bars. That looked like a good sign.

It was not. At the right hand bar (as you enter), three pints were ordered. First one looked like chicken soup (and wasn’t a NEIPA), so it was rejected. The next one was full of nasty floating lumps. No thanks. The third one was at least clear, but very musty.


My pint came from the left hand bar. JDW Devils Backbone Four Point Blanc, a session IPA hopped with Hallertau Blanc Hops brewed exclusively for JD Wetherspoon at Hook Norton Brewery. Again, it was not the greatest, this pub really need to go on a course to learn how to look after cask beer.

Food wise, well, it’s a Spoons, so it’s the same food that you get in every one. Ham and cheese panino with a smattering of chips. Fodder, nothing more.


There are so many great looking pubs in Henley. We opted for the tried and tested Spoons, because they are usually reliable. Today that was not the case. Next time we will research in advance, and choose before we go, so we don’t make the same mistake.

Normally I would tag in a venue on Twitter when posting, but since they rather bizarrely shut down all of their social media accounts in April (definitely something dodgy behind it rather than their lame excuses), I can’t do that. So I think I’ll tag it with #avoidthisspoons, because that’s what you should do. According to TripAdvisor reports, the attached hotel is pretty awful too.