Craft Beer Co, Islington, June 2018 #1

A return visit to this lovely little London pub which feels both old and new. Once again the day job brings me to sunny Londinium, presenting at a conference as an invited speaker. When the working day is done, Ministers just want to have fun, in the shape of a decent burger and a couple of beers. I came here last month for just that, so here I am again, after a sunny stroll from Senate House.

Let’s look at those beers first. On the left we have These Days, a tasty American IPA from Fuesrt Wiacek (the brewery named after bad Scrabble hand). This has bitterness that smacks you about and a dry finish, very easy drinking for the strength. On the right you can spot Dennis Hopp’r from Mondo Brewing Company, full of light citrus hoppiness with a hint of lavender in the finish.


On to that burger next. Last time it was chicken, this time I opted for beef, with a classic cheeseburger with the added bonus of an egg on the top. A tasty, messy burger, with rosemary fries on the side. Just what I wanted.


I’ll be back in London in just a couple of weeks, so it’s entirely possible that I’ll find myself here again shortly.

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