Craft Beer Co, Islington, June 2018 #1

A return visit to this lovely little London pub which feels both old and new. Once again the day job brings me to sunny Londinium, presenting at a conference as an invited speaker. When the working day is done, Ministers just want to have fun, in the shape of a decent burger and a couple of beers. I came here last month for just that, so here I am again, after a sunny stroll from Senate House.

Let’s look at those beers first. On the left we have These Days, a tasty American IPA from Fuesrt Wiacek (the brewery named after bad Scrabble hand). This has bitterness that smacks you about and a dry finish, very easy drinking for the strength. On the right you can spot Dennis Hopp’r from Mondo Brewing Company, full of light citrus hoppiness with a hint of lavender in the finish.


On to that burger next. Last time it was chicken, this time I opted for beef, with a classic cheeseburger with the added bonus of an egg on the top. A tasty, messy burger, with rosemary fries on the side. Just what I wanted.


I’ll be back in London in just a couple of weeks, so it’s entirely possible that I’ll find myself here again shortly.

Brewdog Fanzine issue 5

A new set of beers have arrived. Hopefully none of them are as bad as the English IPA from issue 4, which was very poor by BD standards, like a tribute to Greene King IPA (and why would you do that?)


Origami Orangutan – 8.5% – Tangerine Double IPA

A big, classic American IPA brewed to double strength and packed with C hops and tangerine. The addition of tangerine carries itself through the beer with notes of pine, citrus and fresh cut grass also making an appearance.

King of Eights v2 – 7.4% – East Coast IPA

This juicy, smooth New England IPA has returned, and this time around it’s been double dry-hopped with an increase in ABV. Hopped with just Citra (but a lot of it), the hops take the spotlight and show exactly what they are capable of. After tasting it, there’s a lot of Citra but not much else in there.

Alice Porter – 6.2% – Nitro Porter

The first #ReBrewDog for Fanzine is here, and it’s pretty darn special! The enigmatic porter Alice Porter is back, brewed with the addition of vanilla and put into nitro cans exclusively for Fanzine.