Soho Theatre, May 2018

Working in London again. After a meeting in Ealing this afternoon and a warm walk in the late spring sunshine, I was checking in to my hotel at the wrong end of Ealing Broadway (in terms of proximity to the station). Soon afterwards I was heading east to get to the Soho Theatre. Once again, Transport for London had other ideas, deciding to keep us sitting around on the tracks outside Acton for quite a while. This put paid to my plans to have a bite to eat at The Crown and Two Chairmen before the show (not for the first time this year), as I just made it into the Soho Theatre before the first show of the evening, Sarah Kendall’s latest story telling effort One-Seventeen.

After that show finished it was up to the bar and there was just enough time for a wrap and a pint. Once again, the chicken wrap comes to my rescue, and there was enough time to enjoy the garlic dip with it this time. It’s much tastier than it looks in this photo.


As for the pint, once again it was spoilt by bar staff who think that a beer engine is some form of multi-gym workout device. This Adnams Freewheel was a new beer to me, but I don’t think I experienced it at its best.


No time to sit and reflect, more comedy was on the agenda. Up the stairs for Shappi Khorsandi’s latest show, Mistress and Misfit, an energetic performance boosted by her joy to be performing in London again. Much of the show is about Lady Emma “bury me in a Y-shaped coffin” Hamilton, Nelson’s mistress, but also very much a character in her own right. There’s also material about her appearance on last year’s “I’m a Celebrity”, which is something that had totally passed me by.

Another great night at the Soho Theatre, now time to get back to Ealing…


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