The Lansdowne, Leicester, May 2018

If we’re at The Lansdowne then you know it only means one thing, another night out at De Montfort Hall. On to that in a bit. What’s for dinner tonight? Well, a kind of a cross between a risotto and a paella, this dish from the specials menu has some flecks of chorizo, pieces of chicken, onions, sweet red pepper and creamy saffron rice (and token pea tops). It was not bad but not really special enough to deserve a place on the specials board.


Luckily, the beer is consitently good in here, and tonight was another example of that. This pint of Peacock from Très Bien Brewery is a testament to the enduring pleasure of a good pint of cask ale. Lots of bitterness, lovely lacing and some maltiness thrown in for good measure.


Another consitent evening at The Lansdowne, decent food and good beer. Perfect for an evening of fantastic comedy from the ever brilliant Dara O’Briain who was on fantastic form as ever, mixing great banter and off the cuff reactions with the prepared show. An excellent performance.


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