The Needle & Pin Craft Beer Club – sour beer selection box #2 – February 2018

It’s already time for the second sour beer selection box. The highlight (so far) from the first box has to be Mango Mango Mango from Dugges, lots of lovely mango and no overbearing sweetness. Gose to Hollywood was also a good one, full of sour fruits and zingy tartness. Let’s delve into the latest box of delights…

Lines – Citrus Grisette – 3.5%

Lines decided to make a summer fruity blend, combining a soft juicy grisette with a wheat and oat body, and using a saison strain to leave some delicious sweet spice in the background. The beer, which Lines class as a fruit grisette, a lemon zest and grapefruit conditioned summer Belgian beer.

Wild Beer – Fruitbooter – 5.7%

A blast of fruitiness, a foudre-fermented (and then aged), pink peppercorn saison topped up with an acid drop of select barrels from the Wild Beer library before being packed to the brim with the ripest Somerset raspberries to create a tart, jammy, and mouthwatering beer.

Stillwater – A Saison Darkly – 8%

Brewed with dark malts and burnt sugars then lightly spiced with rose hips, hibiscus, & schisandra berries. Even though Stillwater Artisanal Ales are based in Maryland, United States, this dark saison was brewed at Sint Canarus, a house brewery in Gottem, Belgium in association with brewmaster mister Piet Meirhaeghe – also known as Dr. Canarus.

To Øl – Mr Blue – 7.5%

A rustique Saison brewed with blueberries, and the first beer to be released from the To Øl ‘Reservoir Dogs’ series. A malt base of rye, wheat and oats to deliver a spicy, full mouthfeel, hopped with Galaxy and Belma and then 500 kg of blueberries per 1000 litres. This beer is complex and well rounded with Belgian yeasty notes blended with the fresh blueberries that adds notes of Nordic forest floors.

Buxton/Stillwater – Raspberry Superluminal – 7%

A raspberry version of Superluminal Sour India Pale Ale, part of a continuing collaboration with Stillwater Artisanal. Big raspberry flavours with mango and grapefruit coming through from the hops and sweet raspberry on the finish.

Gipsy Hill/Duration – Barnstormer – 4.7%

A collaboration between Gipsy Hill and the “work in progress” farmhouse brewery Duration. It’s a wild sort of saison that’s been kettle soured overnight, cherry wood was then added to the boil and it was then fermented with three strains of yeast. Tart, dry and complex.




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