Ruby’s Fish and Chips, Thringstone, February 2018

It’s another “no photo” post (the header picture is the best sea photo I could find at short notice).

We were out for a night of planning with regular MOFAD companions Karon & John, and needed some food for the brain. Luckily they live just around the corner from one of Leicestershire’s nine best fish’n’chip shops, according to some lazy local journalism in the Leicester Mercury. In the “article” they just quoted bits of the reviews of various establishments from TripAdvisor and called that a comprehensive round up.

I maintain that Rothley Fisheries (where Sven-Göran Eriksson allegedly used to go for fish’n’chips when he was Leicester City manager) is the best one, but Ruby’s should rank prettly highly on the list. I had a massive whale (cod) and some chips and it was very nice indeed. Crisp batter, nice fluffy chips and all perfectly cooked. I’m sure we’ll be back again.

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