Mason & Company, Hackney Wick, February 2018

A return visit to this lovely little bar and kitchen. A pleasant February day for working nearby and when the working day is done, I just want to have fun. And a pint. And something to eat. This is a handy place to do all of those things. And just a hop, step and a jump away from the London Stadium. You can read more about it in last year’s post.


Let’s get down to tonight’s business then. First up, a Five Points Pils from The Five Points Brewing Company (owned by the same people as the bar). This was a a decent lager with an interesting hop profile.


Once again it was chicken parm for me for tea, Italian fried chicken thigh, marinara sauce, basil aioli, sautéed kale and parmesan crisp on a brioche roll. Very much a posh chicken burger, accompanied by Italo-fries (skin on fries coated in oregano salt).


Just a bit of time left before catching the Javelin back to St Pancras (with a brief stop at Waitrose to get supplies for tomorrow), so I had a Pintle Pale Ale – Citra & Cascade by Burnt Mill Brewery, a super juicy pale ale, delightful nose and lovely rounded finish. Nom!


Another relaxed trip to Mason and Company, definitely recommended if you’re in the area.