Centro Lounge, Loughborough, January 2018

The latest in the series of “cinema and dinner” posts. Tonight’s film was the fantastic Early Man, and whilst there were very few people in the cinema, this was no reflection on the excellence of the film.

Our go to pre/post cinema dining place is Centro Lounge, not least because it is next door to the cinema. That often leads to familiar menu choices, and occasional dalliances with the monthly specials. Familiar tonight, Mrs MOFAD went for some tapas, and I went for the Buttermilk Fried Chicken with skin on fries, chipotle mayo and “house slaw”. Recipes that use buttermilk will tell you that its acid content tenderises the chicken, and that certainly was the case here, very moist chicken with a nice crispy coating.

The chipotle mayo has a nice warm kick to it, but the slaw was another one that was heavy on the red onion. The trend nowadays seems to be that slaw (aka red slaw) represents a dish with either a light vinaigrette or no dressing and coleslaw (aka white slaw) comes with mayonnaise.

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