Railway Inn, Swadlincote, January 2018

Swad is odd. That is an opinion, but I’m going to prove it to you in a minute with a photo of my dinner. An early evening meet up with some friends in a pub that we’ve been to a couple of times before, most recently in December 2015, which saw a healthy victory for “My Pointless Friend Richard”.

Tonight however saw the same problem that blighted the previous visit – no decent beer on, so I was once again turning to my soft drink staple of lime and soda.

Here comes the weird bit. Fish and chips. With salad. What madness is this? The fish and chips were a decent pub effort (very crisp batter), but salad? They’ve even gone to the effort of trying to put something interesting in it, not just some limp iceberg. It just doesn’t go with fish and chips though.

Swad is odd.


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