Moon & Bell, Loughborough, January 2018

I’ve written about ‘spoons before. It’s convenient, and when you’re meeting friends in the pub in order to plan summer trips then the most important requirement is wifi, so that you have facts at your fingertips. With any luck, the beer will be in good condition, and the food will be ok.

With any luck, there will actually be some food, as Wetherspoons has been hit by meat shortages this week (no steak on steak night) after a product recall from their supplier Russell Hume, who were unable to demonstrate compliance with food hygiene rules at its locations. (Edit : just one month later, Russell Hume went into administration after JD Wetherspoon and Jamie’s Italian amongst others cancelled their supply contracts).

Beer first, and something new to me from the reliable Titanic brewery, in the form Black Ice, described as a black IPA or Cascadian dark ale.

I wasn’t really in agreement with this, it’s more dark red ice, a not unpleasant beer but nothing special and not really in the black IPA category like Beavertown’s Black Betty or Saltaire’s Kala Black.

Thankfully, there was some food available tonight, that pub classic “half chicken and chips”, with a dash of coleslaw and some BBQ sauce. Another of those dishes that are very easy to get wrong, but simple and tasty if you get them right.

It was pretty good, and helped to fuel our evening of planning. Lots of trips on the cards later in the year, and I suspect that will lead to more blog posts, as these things tend to 🙂