Framework Tryanuary Tap Takeover, The Needle & Pin, January 2018

One of a large number of events happening all over the country as part of #tryanuary. Tonight saw a “tap takeover” at The Needle & Pin, featuring Leicester based brewery Framework. This was also combined with a bit of meet the brewer action, the chance to chat to some members of the Framework team. Framework’s beer is brewed from a handsome Victorian red brick building in Leicester’s industrial heartland. They call their recipes “patterns” as this pays tribute to the patterns used by framework knitters who used to occupy the building. With each pattern number, the beer changes and develops to keep the drinker’s glass full of good beer – both twists on an established styles and boundary-pushing new brews.

Proceedings kicked off with a Jackpin Pale Ale, a nice bitter American pale ale which got the evening off to a good start.

Our “hosts” for the evening soon arrived, and there was a sudden influx of brewery staff from the area all having a chat. How many can you spot?

Another pale ale next, Centennial Pale Ale – Pattern #PA0015, a good showcase for the Centennial hop, which must be up there in my top 10 hops.

After 2 good cask ales, we switch our attention to keg, and Dr Dawson’s Magic Mix, a spiced stout based on the Yorkshire classic, Parkin. The addition of nutmeg, ginger, treacle and golden syrup makes for a rich, warming flavour.

Festive spices after epiphany are okay aren’t they? Lovely nose, hint of sweetness and easy drinking.

Afer a bit more chat, it was soon time to head off into the night, although there was just time for a #tryanuary gift, in the form of this magnificent bar blade, the best of breed bottle opener. It is pictured here opening a To 0l Tangerine Cream (subtle creamy citrus 🍊, lovely and refreshing).

A fun evening down the pub, talking all things beer. This is what #tryanuary is all about.


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