Dog & Gun, Keswick, January 2018

What am I doing in a Greene King pub for #tryanuary? Visits to Greene King pubs during last year’s #tryanuary ended up with lime and soda, because they had no decent beer on.  A sad affair indeed.

No such problems here. The Dog & Gun is a Keswick institution. Mention its name, and you’ll always get one word back. Goulash. Despite the recent refit and refurb, it has retained some of its former character but it’s not quite what it was.

Thankfully, they still have good beer and not just Greene King “IPA”. First up was Wai-iti from Allendale Brewery in Northumberland. This was a cracking cask pale ale with a lovely little hop profile.

Dinner next, and no goulash for me tonight. The rest of the menu is pretty standard pub fare, and lasagne with garlice bread and salad is now part of that definition, since you’ll find it in so many pubs nowadays.

It was pretty standard stuff, nothing earth shattering but enough to make a pleasant meal. It was accompanied by a pint of Monumental from Kirkby Lonsdale Brewery, a simple blonde ale that hits the spot.

A pleasant pub trip but it’s not what it once was, and it’s in no way the best pub in Keswick nowadays. That honour definitely goes to The Wainwright.


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