The Needle & Pin, December 2017

Another in the “pub and dash” series. Keeping with the tradition that I set with Rogue One, this morning was another “Star Wars Sunday”, with a trip to see Star Wars Episode VIII : The Last Jedi. I enjoyed the film, but it was way too long. Lots of trimming would have made a much better film.

After staying until the end of the credits (because you just have to listen to John Williams on a big cinema audio system), I popped off to grab a sandwich and then somehow found myself in the Needle & Pin for a lunchtime pint of Little Chief from Tottenham’s Redemption Brewing Company, a decent cask pale ale.

Good to be here and have a quick catch up on a quiet Sunday afternoon. I also had a bottle of something rather special to collect, and then had a bus to catch. The second part of that didn’t quite work out, because the bus takes a different route on a Sunday afternoon, so I turned a corner to watch it speed past. Thankfully the weather held out, so I walked home with this precious cargo in my bag:-

That one is going into storage for one of next summer’s camping mini beer festivals. I know one or two people who would like to try a bit of imperial stout with loads of coffee chucked in for good measure…


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