Quorn Country Hotel, December 2017

A Christmas party at a local hotel, one that we’ve not been to for about 15 years. A Christmas party is not rocket science. It’s really easy to get it right, and sadly all too easy to get it wrong. When you stump up a few extra quid for your party (compared to previous years at least), you expect extra quality, be that in food, drink, or service.

When you don’t get that, you feel a bit ripped off. When you get attitude and surliness in response to polite queries, it’s not a sign that you’re going to have a great evening. This is a time of year when those in the hospitality industry are working their hardest and are stressed so you should always cut them some slack, but this was at the start of the evening.

We booked way back in the summer, which gained us free bottles of wine for each table. This actually turned out to be a glass of sparkling wine which had been poured for over an hour, thereby losing fizz and warming up. Great start.

I was designated driver, so just had a bottle of Charnwood beer, with added hotel price mark up.

A salmon starter (I do like a bit of fish) and more fish for main course (did I mention that I like fish). Portions were not exactly huge, and we struggled with enough veg and gravy to go round the table. It was adequate at best, and no-one was blown away.

The chocolate pudding was the best part of it, with some candied physallis to cut through the richness.

Eventually some terrible burnt coffee arrived, and then a pretty rubbish disco ensued. If you’re thinking of having a Christmas party here, I’d look around at some other alternatives.

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