The Lansdowne, Leicester, October 2017

Leicester on a weeknight usually only means one thing. Showtime! Tonight was no exception, and we’ll get to that bit shortly. First the beer, and another chance to have a tasty pint from local brewery Très Bien. This was Private Eyes, a rye IPA full of malty bitterness, a sweet breadiness and a balanced bitterness.

We usually seem to have a burger when we are at The Lansdowne, as we are often on the clock (because showtime), and tonight we followed that usual pattern of a swift burger.

Simple, quick and tasty. Lovely chips again, decent coleslaw and a juicy burger. It just looks a bit weird with the chips sitting in their funny little bowl. My usual moan that you can’t get a decent bit of salt and vinegar on them, so the first thing that you have to do is tip them on to the plate and discard the silly little bowl. Apart from that, I’m sure we’ll be back when we’re next at a show.

Tonight’s was something a little bit different, Ray Mears telling survival and wildlife stories, with clips from some of his TV work, and live fire lighting on stage.

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