Queens Head, Watnall, October 2017

A glorious mid-autumn day. We’ve been spoilt for October sunshine this year, having spent 8 days in the Algarve, but it has been nice to get back out in the great British countryside in some lovely sun.

We finished our walk around lunchtime, and had already spotted and planned some lunch at a nearby pub. The choice was helped by the fact that the Queens Head serves food from 12-8 on a Sunday, and around a year ago took the (difficult, but correct in my opinion) decision to stop doing Sunday roasts on Sundays, reverting to the normal menu. This is perfect for us, since I cook our roast on Sunday evenings, and we pretty much never have a pub roast.

I know many people love a pub roast, and good luck to them, but I’m happy to do my own. As it happens, a couple of customers did come in enquiring about the Sunday roast whilst we were there. They seemed a little perturbed that they didn’t already know about this change, but stayed for lunch anyway.

As did we, and Mr Obvious chose the pulled pork baguette, which was very nice and a lovely hearty reward after our walk. Excellent chip shop style chips too. The salad was a bit rubbish, three slivers of carrot, an eighth of tomato, a slice of cucumber, a sprinkling of cress, and my salad nemesis, limp iceberg.

As long as you ignore that salad, a lovely lunch. We also had a bonus surprise of our walking companions joining us after about 20 minutes, having decided to stop in for a drink instead of going straight home after eating their sandwiches in the layby where we had parked up earlier on.

A lovely 18th century village pub that deserves a visit, not too far from junction 26 of the M1.

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