Fenways, Loughborough, October 2017

Another night out at the cinema. A new dining option tonight. Quite a few people have been telling me about Fenways, since its combination of smoked meats (or related meaty dishes) and some alleged interesting beers would appear to be right up my street.

We have to walk past Fenways every time we go to the cinema, and a running joke of “oh, so that’s where Fenways is” has started up.

On to tonight’s visit. Beer first. Well sort of beer. Monteith’s is another of these world beer brands owned by Heineken, which owns Heineken Asia Pacific, which owns DB, which owns Monteith’s. It’s supposed to sound like a family owned New Zealand brewery, but at the end of the day, it’s just a subisdiary of a subsidiary of a subsidiary.

What does it taste like? Ginger and honey, no hops, not a “beery beer” as Mrs MOFAD would say. She tried some and liked it, but was drinking Belgian White by Blue Moon.

On to the food. Lots of smokey goodness to choose from, I could keep coming back for a couple of weeks and have something different every time. A tasty burger was the choice for tonight, you can’t go wrong when it’s done right. Nice home made pickles too. I definitely want to come back for more smoked delights soon. Although I’d quite like a plate next time 🙂

On to the cinema. We watched The Snowman, based on the seventh novel in Norwegian author Jo Nesbø’s eleven book Harry Hole series It’s trying too hard to be Se7en, and failing to tell the story in a coherent manner, with mixed use of flashbacks ending up leading the viewer all over the place.

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