Beer of the month – September 2017 – Even More Jesus

A nice rarity this month, as we start with a beer drunk in an actual pub. It’s one I’ve had before at home, in a can, but whilst out and about in Skipton we came across Pogo by Wild Beer at The Narrowboat, a fruit salad in a glass with a little hop character.


A trip to Liverpool saw an absolutely cracking session IPA in the form of Penny Lane Pale by Mad Hatter Brewing Company, hoppy and easy drinking.

Fruitiness next, in the shape of of Key Lime Pie Gose by Westbrook Brewing Co. This one is packed full of limezzzzzzzzzzz! Refreshing sherbert lime flavours, full of fizzy fun. I love lime. Also lamp.

A previous winner next, in the form of Christmas Cake Imperial Stout from Cloudwater and To0l. It was beer of the month for December 2016, so how has it changed after 9 months in a cool, dark place? Pretty nicely, it has mellowed just a little but is still very much as schedule. This was the first of three beers from the same night when we had another of our mini camping beer festivals.

We stay with Cloudwater next, and the other pub visit to feature here, Cloudwater night at the Needle & Pin. The DDH IPA Citra was also in third place in July’s beer of the month, and it was nice to have it again. If only I’d brought my curry with me.

In runner up spot, from the camping beer fest, we have Imperial Biscotti Break by Evil Twin Brewing, Base, base, almondy biscuit base. Super tasty, coffee and vanilla, a very solid imperial stout.

It was beaten only by it stable mate, Even More Jesus by Evil Twin Brewing. Praise the lord! It rendered Steve speechless, Matt was impressed by the amount of flavour from malt alone and I was rather partial to the thick, oily, loveliness.


A fourth dark beer makes it through to the end of year final.

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