Walking tour of Skipton, September 2017

This year’s walking tour of Skipton is upon us. The inaugural event happened back in September 2015, when Mrs MOFAD, along with regular MOFAD companions Hazel, Caroline and Ali, went to Yarndale, the festival of wool.

That was happening again today, but with just Mrs MOFAD and Hazel. Steve and Janette were also supposed to be here, but had to cancel due to illness.

Once again, Matt & I declined the kind offer of going to Yarndale to carry bags of wool around, and instead opted for a walking tour of Skipton. Only this year, we actually did more of a proper walking tour of Skipton to start with. Look! Nature!

Actual nature. This is not far from where we saw a kingfisher swooping low over Round Dam. The walk took us below Skipton Castle, alongside Eller Beck, up to the dam and through Skipton woods. We returned via Park Hill, site of a former civil war battery where Cromwell’s parliamentarian troops attacked Skipton Castle from. They never defeated the castle, but Lady Anne Clifford accepted that the Roundheads had won the war and ordered her troops to stand down. You get a good view down into the town.

That’s where we went next. To start the real walking tour of Skipton. Where we go the pub. And then another pub. And another one. You get the picture. To the pub!

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