The Narrowboat #2, Skipton, September 2017

A trip back here for a drink, with regular MOFAD companions Matt & Hazel. Mrs MOFAD was hoping that they had found some more Passion Fruit Gose from Hawkshead (she has declared it her favourite beer ever, in the history of the world, ever).

Sadly it had definitely run out this time, so she was out of luck.

My final Skipton pint for this year’s visit was Galaxy by Brewsmith, from across the border in Lancashire. Full of fruity Galaxy hops, a quality cask pint.

Mrs MOFAD opted for the Tiny Rebel Mojito Sour, a heavy mint sour which for me needs loads more lime and hence some more sour. It was too dry for Mrs MOFAD but Hazel liked this one.

Nice to finish our Skipton visit in this good pub, it’s equally suited for drinkers and diners (despite their pie problems last night).

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