Philharmonic Dining Rooms, Liverpool, September 2017 #2

I said I’d be back. I was right. After waxing lyrical about this pub during the day, more people wanted to come and see it. After suffering a paucity of beer at a conference dinner earlier this evening, a short stroll was in order for a nightcap. If you want to read a bit more about the pub, try yesterday’s post.

Better beer tonight, in the form of Guileless, a clean and crisp pilsner from Redwillow brewery in Macclesfield who are doing good things right now. I’ve had six of their beers this year, but all the others have been in cans, so it was nice to enjoy one in a pub.

Great to be back in this lovely old pub, I’ll be sure to come back next time that I’m in the city.

University of Liverpool catering, September 2017

A selection from my trip this week to the University of Liverpool. Staying in hall style accommodation leads to the usual buffet breakfast, which was actually better than a few hotel ones that I’ve encountered.

Usual buffet sandwich selection for lunch…

And a rather unexciting sausage and mash at dinner time.

At least the pudding was slightly interesting.

More of the same the next day, same breakfast again…

Chicken on a stick and sandwiches with lots of horrid iceberg lettuce.

And then on to conference dinner. A rather lacklustre tomato and mozzarella to start.

That old standby chicken supreme…

And a simple creme brulee.

Nothing very inspiring, but it is quite hard to cater for a few hundred people.