Thornbridge Peakender 2017 – day one

For a full round up of thoughts on the 2017 event, see the day two post.

We skipped Peakender last year, because it had clearly outgrown Thornbridge Outdoors in 2015, so it would have been madness to return for more of the same. As they decided (wisely) to move to the Bakewell Showground for 2017, we decided to come back and have another go. Although we had camped at another event here a few years ago, we opted to camp at a proper site just up the road (and up the hill).

On to the beers from day one.

As might be expected from some of my recent favourite beers, I went straight to the Cloudwater taps. Lots of things were promised over the weekend, but they were rationed to these 2 taps, which would eventually mean missing out on some of them.

Spring + Summer Pilsner Dana was very light and slightly floral with maybe a hint of honey lurking in the background. A pleasant start.

A quick “atmosphere” shot next, lots of keg taps visible and plenty of cask pumps dotted around. As this was during Friday afternoon, you won’t see the bar in this uncrowded form again.

Passionfruit And Blueberry Tart by Thornbridge – it beats the standard version hands down. Sweet and sour and delicious.

Next up, three beers in a row.

On the left is the beer launched by Thornbridge today, Prospero, a collaboration with North Brewing Co, which turned out to be a decent lager but nothing like an IPA.

In the middle, Super Saison by Tiny Rebel Brewing Co. Didn’t work for me. No saison-y flavours. No citrus. Mrs MOFAD did hop face but I couldn’t find them in here.

On the right, Running With Sceptres from Lost And Grounded Brewers. A really nice dry lager with a lot of things happening.

More “atmos” next, and a lazy attempt to “lord it up” and win a year of beer. (Edit: I didn’t win).

As with all events nowadays, you need a big cardboard/plastic frame for people to take photos and amplify on social. This was ours.

With some food having been consumed, a few more beers. Pictured now are Piña Mojito Vice (on the left) from Magic Rock Brewing, a minty cocktail beer. It works. In a good way. I liked it a lot. Also from Magic Rock we have Precognition (on the right), a good oaty IPA but in no way the best Magic Rock.

Finally for today we have Peverel (very weak session ale, and no sign of those lovely Mosaic hops) and Wye (strong cucumber flavours that don’t work for me).

Stay tuned for the day two round up.

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