There is a such a thing as a Free Lunch

In this case, it’s a beer called Free Lunch, brewed by Northern Monk brewery for Honest Brew. How does such a thing come about?

Over six months, Honest Brew cycled against 50 of the top startups in London as part of Braintree Payments’ “Tour De Tech”. They dominated the competition and won £40k towards a marketing campaign.

Rather than spending the prize on themselves, they decided to brew a beer for beer lovers with Leeds’ Northern Monk. That’s where customers came in – voting for a style, a strength, a flavour and the appearance of the beer that would be brewed. The winning combo was a 5-6% hazy IPA with citrusy & zesty flavours.

The people had voted. So Northern Monk made an IPA overflowing with bold aromas and flavours. Hefty doses of Citra usher in bright citrus fruit aromas. Vibrant grapefruit, lemon and mandarin flavours are tempered by the addition of oats to produce a soft mouthfeel. A sensory overload built upon the foundation of Northern Monk’s distinctive house yeast strain. Deliciously fruity, unashamedly hazy, and a true collaborative effort – the race to finish your can won’t last long.

In my first can I found pine, citrus and grassy notes, an hazy delight. Yes please! Thanks to Honest Brew for free beer. Looking forward to another one soon.

If you would like to buy some, they are now on sale at £7.90 for an howler of 3 cans as shown above. Off you go.

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