Wagamama, Leicester, July 2017

Another rare weeknight shopping trip to Leicester. You may recall that there was one last week, but it wasn’t as successful as it could have been, so we are back this week, exploring some different retail venues. Again, I won’t be telling you about that. Instead, I’ll tell you about dinner.

We will often pop in to Wagamama for a quick dinner. It’s usually quick, if there’s not a queue. Tonight there was a queue out of the door, which was handy as the “out of the door” bit was cooler than the bit inside the door, where the heater was on full blast. On a warm July evening.

We were soon seated and ordering. It will probably come as no surprise that we both ordered exactly the same things that we usually do. So that’s chicken katsu curry for me as ever…

Although this was another plate to annoy the sauce/salad brigade, who hate to see sauce touching salad. You may recall this from a visit to The Hunting Lodge in June.

A quick note on drinks. Hitachino Nest has disappeared from the menu. This is a shame, as their beers go well with this particular cuisine. There are a few other offerings, which look interesting, but with Meantime involved, I don’t feel comfortable ordering them.

Meantime used to be a lovely independent brewery, but they are now owned by Asahi (after being bought by SAB Miller in May 2015), so they just don’t feel like a craft brewer any more. My philosophy is that I have loads of lovely independent beers at home, so I’ll save myself for those. As it was, the ginger beer was lovely and refreshing with the katsu curry.


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