The Kingsbridge Inn, Bourton on the Water, June 2017

It’s one of those classic “end of camping trip visit to the pub” posts. On many Sunday lunchtimes after a camping trip, we can be found at a nearby pub. It’s usually easy to find a pub, but not always easy to find somewhere to park. When you end up in a Cotswolds tourist hotspot (the pretty village of Bourton on the Water) then that problem increases ten fold.

Luckily we all managed to distribute ourselves across the various free parking spaces in the village. And then we found ourselves in a Marstons pub. Mixed feelings about this, because a big chain is probably the most able to cope with the huge crowds that were here on this busy early summer Sunday lunchtime. However, I would generally prefer something with more of a local feel…

Today the chain decision proved to be the right one from a food perspective, as they managed to get everyone’s orders out in reasonable time, and the food was all decent. A simple chicken, bacon and salad sandwich and some good pub chips were just right on this sunny day.

From a drink perspective, Marstons is never the right choice, as their beer has gone downhill every time that they’ve acquired another brewery (which is a very regular occurrence nowadays). Which is why lime and soda can be spotted in the corner of my photo above.

A lovely pub overlooking the River Windrush and village green which leaves me torn. Could anyone other than a big brewery afford to hire enough staff to serve the huge numbers that they get here? And could anyone else serve food all day every day (as you know, limited hours is one of my pet peeves, although I understand why it has to be the case in certain situations).

Apart from the poor beer, this pub does the job of a village pub, and does it well. I realise that’s a big “apart from”, but I know that I have great beer waiting for me when I get home, so I forgive it in this case.


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