The Hay Loft, Northleach, June 2017

Another campsite cafe post. We get around to a few campsites every summer, so these campsite cafe posts are inevitables. The Hay Loft at Northleach is attached to a very pleasant campsite which also has a climbing wall and various other outdoor activities. More importantly for us, it opens for breakfast and lunch (not dinner) so is an easy option when camping at the site.

On the Friday afternoon we stopped in for lunch, a simple ham and cheese toastie with crisps and salad, accompanied by a (bottled) pint of Cerberus Loose from local Force Brewery which was a decent, hoppy, pale ale (although more of an amber really).

Not the most exciting toastie in the world (plain sliced white), but tasty ham and cheese which makes up for the very plain bread.

The next morning we wandered down for breakfast, tea served in those enamel/tin mugs that we had on scout camp in the 1980s, and a distinctly average sausage sandwich.

We were back again for lunch on Saturday (same, same, but same), and it wasn’t quite as toasted today.

This is the main reason for visiting this site though, Mrs MOFAD in full flight on the climbing wall:-

A nice little campsite with a reasonable cafe.

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