Box Social, Newcastle, June 2017

Another stop on my whistle stop tour of Newcastle drinking establishments. The great thing about many of these modern establishments, part of the so called “craft beer revolution”, is that beer can be served in smaller measures – thirds, halves and two thirds. This means that you can try three different beers in a pleasant hour of sipping, without worrying that you’ve slammed down three pints in a hurry and won’t be able to walk when you get up from your chair.

The rain was still hammering down outside, so this cosy little bar in a railway arch was welcome shelter. Whilst I gently steamed in the corner, a 008 Mosaic from local brewery Wylam started things off. This is the third Wylam that I’ve had, and they’ve all been delicious. This one is a good showcase for the Mosaic hop, full of juicy bitterness.

A trip to the south coast next (without leaving my chair). Freshman by Brighton Bier is a lovely pale ale full of delicious sharp bitterness.

Just one more third to finish things off. After I’d spotted this, I couldn’t not have it. Het Uiltje are a Dutch brewery who have some of the greatest beer names, such as F***, The Christmas Tree is on Fire. They also have great tasting beers, so when I spotted their Double IPA collaboration with North Brewing Co then I had to have it.

It turned out to be a great decision, a beer full of grassy, hoppy and orangey sweetness. A great way to round off this brief visit to Box Social, which is a must visit destination if you are looking for great beer in Newcastle.


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