Sherwin Arms, June 2017

All of the previous posts about the Sherwin Arms have had one thing in common. No beer. This one is no different. Despite the fact that many Greene King pubs now have a possibly interesting new beer on (Amplified Pale Ale, a collaboration with Radio X), this one doesn’t. It just has standard filth on. So it was another night on the lime and soda. So no drinks to talk about, a quick word about the food.

A classic pub fish’n’chips tonight, although it was missing the advertised bread and butter – how can I have my chip butty without bread and butter? Attention to detail doesn’t always seem to be their strong point.

Six months of visiting and still no beer. It’s luckily that the company is more important than the beer here, because why would a beer lover choose to come to a pub that doesn’t have any decent beer?