Orange Tree, Loughborough, May 2017

A local post! It’s not often that such things appear here during the spring and summer months, but tonight there was a work birthday to celebrate, so we popped out to the Orange Tree in town. Adnams Ease Up IPA kicked things off, a tribute IPA which is better than the bottled version, but nothing to write home about.

Dinner next, an interesting take on a paella. Not something that you find in pubs very often (so hard to get right and easy to get wrong). This was kind of right and kind of wrong. Who puts a tuna steak on top of a paella? Who lobs some limp rocket on the top? It was not that bad, it’s just that my version is much better. That does sound like a bit of a humblebrag, but there you go.

This was accompanied by a Curious Brew lager, which is light and refreshing. Whilst they claim it is re-fermented with champagne yeast for a drier taste, it could be drier. It’s a little sweet, but that would go well with something spicier than this paella.

Not a bad town centre pub. It’s a bit battered around the edges (popular with students) but it does have a certain charm. Three cask lines with no cask ales on is not great though, particularly when there is a great choice not a few hundred yards away. Even the ‘spoons does better than this. Not bad, just not breathtaking.


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