Beerhouse, Market Harborough, May 2017

Our next stop on our walking tour of Market Harborough (as part of the Spirit of Harborough festival) took us to the rather marvellous Beerhouse, who were hosting Market Harborough Brewery for the day. They didn’t have far to travel, situated as they literally across the road from Beerhouse.

Down in the “back room”, we met Ivan from the brewery, who took us on a little tutored tasting of five of their bottled beers.


We moved our way through some of their range, starting with Best Bitter, a decent session bitter with a good English hop flavour. After that we moved on to SuperHop Wai-iti, full of the Antipodean hoppiness you would hope for from a hop developed by the New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food Research hop breeding programme and released in 2011.

The Summit Special Pale Ale was next, which was an interesting little pale ale. (Edit: it is now a Tres Bien beer, as they share brewing facilities with MH brewery).

The next stop on our tour was the very simply named IPA, which was a classic English IPA with proper hoppiness and an easy drinking strength. It’s the kind of English IPA that people seem to have forgotten how to make.

The final beer was Hibiscus Pale, which divided our group a bit. I liked it and Mrs MOFAD was also a big fan, but not everyone was quite so enamoured.

It was nice to drink some beers and have some beer chat in Beerhouse, which would definitely be our first stop on any drinking tour of Market Harborough, due to its great range of beers.

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