The Old Hall Hotel, Hope, April 2017 #3

We keep coming back. Tonight we came back for the pub quiz. You might have already worked out that we love a pub quiz.

First up a Peculier Pale Ale from Theakston, a cold, smooth and inoffensive keg ale from Theakston. Very middle of the road.

Food arrived soon afterwards. Tonight I went for the Derbyshire bacon and cheese steak burger, with red coleslaw and skinny fries.

Just one small problem. The bacon and cheese were missing, much like parts of yesterday’s lunch. And yesterday’s plates have been replaced with boards and a silly basket for the fries. It was a very tasty burger and a nice coleslaw, just a shame that there were bits missing.

It was accompanied by another Theakston brew, the Peculier IPA.

How on earth can you call this an IPA? In the same “class” as Greene King so called IPA. Ou est le hop? A pretty poor excuse for an IPA, just a very dull keg ale, all malt and no hops. If this was your first introduction to IPA, you’d never bother going back and be missing out on some stunning beers. This is not an IPA. Back to school for Theakston.

A nice dinner at The Old Hall, I think they just need to tighten up a bit in the kitchen at the moment as there appears to be a lack of attention to detail on the meals that are going out. It’s still a lovely village pub.

Oh, and the very worst bit? There was no pub quiz. It was cancelled for a private event. So we went back to the cottageĀ instead.