Curry Cabin, Hope, April 2017

After our customary first visit to the Old Hall Hotel beer festival, we popped across the road to Cury Cabin to order our dinner. We were soon walking back up to our cottage with some nice fresh curries.

I am often a creature of habit, and having consulted the archives, I opted once again for the monkfish curry, and it was very nice, much like last time. You don’t often see a monkfish curry so I always like to have it when I see one. Very tasty, good flavours but not enough to overpower the monkfish.

Curry Cabin is a great little curry house in Hope, and is definitely recommended.

Old Hall Hotel, Hope, Beer Festival day 1, April 2017

We find ourselves back in Hope. A lovely little village with some lovely pubs, and good accommodation. And on each Bank Holiday weekend, a beer festival. We’ve been to this one a few times before, and it’s something that brings us back here. It’s a classic cask ale beer festival, with a decent selection of ciders too.

Tonight was the first night of the festival, and we popped in for a few drinks before going off to pick up a curry.

First up, Full Moon from Chantry Brewery, a hoppy, floral and bitter pale ale, very gentle.

Mrs MOFAD opted for this Mango from Broadoak. The clue is in the name. Sweet, sweet mango flavours. Very easy drinking. Scarily so!

My next beer was so good, it didn’t get photographed. Dark Peak from Howard Town Brewery is a rum infused porter – fruity, sweet and a smack in the mouth with a boxing glove dipped in rum. It was really nice. Looking forward to having a few more beers here over the weekend…