The Field Head Hotel, Markfield, Leicestershire, April 2017

A story of two halves. Before label and after label.

Before label.

A lovely sunny spring evening. We’d been out walking just over the other side of the M1, a little circuit taking in views from some higher points of Leicestershire. We crossed over the M1 for dinner at the Field Head, somewhere we’ve been before, although not for a while.

A quick browse of the menu and up to the bar to order. For me, a pint of Britannia from Evan-Evans brewery:-

I was a bit suspicious of this at first. Greene King pubs often sneak in a house ale with a faked “craft” name, but this is a real beer from a real brewery in Llandeilo, West Wales. A decent session bitter. Mrs MOFAD opted for some Aspalls (nice posh glass)

After a bit of chat, dinner soon arrived. For me, a simple chicken and chips, with coleslaw, corn on the cob, fries and a chilli salsa thingy:-

It was very nice, simple flavours but all of them work together nicely. Juicy chicken, crisp fries and a nice piquancy from the chilli salsa thingy.

Mrs MOFAD’s choice of sea bass and scallop risotto looked like a good one too:-

A very tasty dish, nice fish and creamy risotto. But then.

After label.

There was a label in it. Initially it looked like a piece of fish skin, but on closer inspection, it was a label from some kind of kitchen implement. That’s enough to put anyone off their dinner, and it did this for Mrs MOFAD.

The bar staff were very apologetic about this when Mrs MOFAD returned to the bar with the plate, and they offered a refund for the dish when asked. A mistake in the kitchen, and a shame, because it rather spoilt what had been a nice meal up to that point.

We might be back. These kind of incidents do put you off though, even if they are handled well.

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