Beer of the month, March 2017 – Mosaic IPA by Crate Brewery

Yet another month where all bar one of the best beers were sampled at home. Let us move into the kitchen to discover them…

Appropriately enough, the first one in the round up is a Lemon Meringue Pie by Buxton Brewery. All of the lemons. Sour tartness. A festival of lemon. This is definitely one for the lemon fan. (Edit : just a few weeks later, occasional MOFAD companion Kerrie described this as “proper rotten”. She was very wrong. Hazel, a non-beer drinker, even bought a bottle on that occasion.)

To familiar hoppy territory next, for a Clairvoyance by Magic Rock Brewing. I looked into my crystal ball before drinking this, and predicted tropical hoppiness and fruity murk. It was literally that. Delicious with pulled lamb shoulder.

We move on to Straffe Hedrick Tripel, the winner of Belgium’s Best Belgian Style Tripel at the World Beer Awards in 2016. The Maes family have been brewing in the centre of Bruges since the mid 19th century, and this beer is now the most established product of the De Halve Maan brewery. A huge white head and big carbonation bring some hoppy aromas to the nose, unusual for many Belgian beers. Fruits and grains are apparent on the palate, but they say that the bitterness dominates. Does it? Kind of, those golden fruits certainly come through, and the elegance of the carbonation is reminiscent of a good sparkling wine. This was the only beer in the list out of the home, from the Needle & Pin Belgian beer night.


The train now arriving at Platform C is an American IPA by Fallen Brewing Co, calling at good hop and malt balance and very smooth. Lovely stuff.

As has happened so often recently, there’s a Cloudwater in here. This time it’s DIPA V10. Murky. Juicy. Dank. Tropical orange notes. A hint of mint right at the end. Some resinousness. Really good effort, another one that is gone forever.

More hops now, from Siren Craft Brew, in the form of Proteus IPA Volume 2 – Mosaic, Chinook, Cascade (that is the full name of the beer). This one had a big body, big tropical fruits, big hops, big pine. A fantastic IPA, those three hops work so well together. It narrowly missed out on being the winner.

That honour goes to Mosaic IPA by Crate Brewery. Classic tropical fruit hoppiness and an excellent showcase for the Mosaic hop. Delicious. Mine came from Sourced Market at St Pancras station, so if you’re ever waiting for a train, pop down and pick up some great beers. London prices though!


Another hoppy beast through to the end of year final…

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