The Lansdowne, Leicester, March 2017

It’s a familiar thing, a pre-show dining post. Another Leicester night out, and a break from tradition, as tonight’s turn is a musical one, as opposed to the usual comedy that we go to at De Montfort Hall. We’ll come back to that in a moment.

My journey was a bit of an eventful one, with various public transport delays conspiring against me. So I arrived later than expected, but luckily Mrs MOFAD was on time, and had ordered me pint of Goose Island IPA. Nice to have this on draught for the first time, it’s something you’ve probably seen in bottles in Tesco or similar. Delicious hoppy bitterness.

Sometimes I fear change. Tonight was one of those times, so I had exactly the same meal as last time, the tasty chicken burger.


Just as good as last time, juicy chicken, simple salad, and good pub chips (a mix of potatoes and sweet potatoes).

The Landsdowne is definitely our new “go to” pub for pre-show dining.

We headed off after this, up the road to go and see Elbow, who were absolutely brilliant. A great decision by them to return to smaller venues after so many big stadium tours, and they really work in a smaller venue like De Montfort Hall. A great night of music.

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