George’s Tradition, fish ‘n’ chips, Loughborough, February 2017

Good old fashioned fish’n’chips. You can’t beat it. That means that sometimes, you shouldn’t try. Tonight was one of those times. Our final night at the Leicester comedy festival for this year, and a slightly altered plan. We are looking after this lovely little ball of fluff for a couple of weeks:-

So as we didn’t want to abandon Holly for hours on end, we decided to head straight back home after the show, and grab fish’n’chips on the way.

George’s Tradition have been open in Loughborough for a few years, and have become a firm favourite in the town, regarded by most as our best fish’n’chip shop. No fuss, no messing about, just great quality food, well cooked and also well presented (a nice carboard pizza box style box). Tonight I opted for the ocean wild cod and large chips, whilst Mrs MOFAD had the battered fishcake:-

My meal deal included the pictured mushy peas, a nice addition to fish’n’chips, and this was a classic chip shop dinner. Lovely stuff, and definitely our best local fish’n’chip shop.

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