Beavertown Tropigamma Tropical IPA

Another beer from the third Needle & Pin craft beer selection box.

The N&P love all things Beavertown (as do I), and they especially love this one off beer, brewed to celebrate Beavertown’s 1000th brew. Hugely fruity compared to Gamma Ray, a tropical IPA brewed with lactose, pineapple, mandarin, papaya, passionfruit, guava, mango and lime juice. Enough fruit for you?

Juicy tropical fruits combine with big bold hops on the nose to lure you in with complex aromas of citrus, ripe mango and piney hops. The flavour is fruit driven, leading with sweet mandarin, tangy passionfruit and round mango and finishing with a satisfying hop bite. The oats help make the drinking experience smooth and round. This is literally a fruit explosion in a can.

Lilt. The totally tropical taste. Tropigamma. The totally tropcial murkbomb. Not an IPA but an interesting tropical fruit attack. Produces both “hop face” and “grapefruit face” in Mrs MOFAD. Juicy and fruity, and a grapefruit hit, with smoothness from the oats. Dangerously drinkable delight.

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