The Lansdowne (Orange Tree), Leicester, February 2017

Another night of comedy, and another food venue. We’ve been here before, but not for a few years, so there is no MOFAD visit recorded.

You may recall that when attending events around this part of Leicester, we usually go to the The Marquis Wellington, which is just a few doors up the A6. After our last visit, we vowed never to return. If you don’t have time to click on that link, the food was going downhill and we had to give up waiting for 2 out of the 4 meals that we had ordered on that visit.

A new venue was requited. Our plans were actually to go somewhere else after the show we were going to had finished. Those plans changed earlier this afternoon when the venue sent an e-mail to explain that there had been a change of timings. This meant we needed to eat before the show, so a new plan was hatched. We needed somewhere with good food and good service, as we needed to be in and out fairly swiftly.

The Lansdowne (owned by small local chain the Orange Tree group) fitted that description. It is handily located close to the station, and not far from handy parking places (although some of those have now been removed).

A quick check at the bar and there’s no long wait for food, so we had very quickly got ourselves, sorted, ordered and sat down.

A pint of Air Mail for me, from Très Bien Brewery, a tiny little brewery in Tur Langton, which is in the south eastern corner of Leicestershire. I used to follow them on Twitter, but they were always tweeting about TV shows, and nothing about their beer, so I stopped! Anyway, Air Mail is a bitter and hoppy pale ale, a very nice pint. Mrs MOFAD had some Aspalls, which is available on draught.

It didn’t take long for our food to  arrive. We both ordered the breaded chicken burger, served in a brioche bun, topped with chilli slaw, hand cut, twice fried chips (both normal and sweet potato), a small side salad and your choice of dips (we both chose BBQ).

A very nice chicken burger indeed. Juicy chicken, simple salad and really good pub chips. Exactly what we needed tonight, tasty and quick. The perfect place for pre-show dining.

Just a few minutes after we had finished we were up and on our way, down the road to the O2 Academy 2, which in old money is Queens Hall inside the University of Leicester Student Union building. Tonight was the first of three nights of James Acaster performing each of his last three tour shows. Tonight’s show was “Recognise”.

There won’t be a review of the venue, given that there wasn’t anything decent to drink!


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