Tenby Black Flag Rum Porter

The black flag, otherwise known as the Jolly Roger was raised to identify a pirate ship to their prey in order for them to have a chance to surrender. Black Flag porter is full of character with notes of coffee and chocolate and just a touch of vanilla spiced rum… This is the fourth beer from the inaugural Needle & Pin dark beer selection box.

This is one of those rare posts that doesn’t have an original accompanying photo. I didn’t get the chance to take one, so here is the line up of beers that it came from. You can spot it between the stripy Cloudwater DIPA v11 and the Celebrator beer that comes with a plastic goat on a string.


So on to the Rum Porter. Ou est le rum? A very gentle porter but I just can’t detect the “vanilla spiced rum” that’s supposed to be in there. Not much more to say about it really.

Kernel Export India Porter

Kernel Export India Porter is the third beer from the inaugural Needle & Pin dark beer selection box. Kernel like to mix things up, combining rich dark flavours with American hoppiness. A very dark beer, with a tan head. Smooth and medium/full bodied, with pine and hops on the nose and coming through in the palate along with toasted grain, chocolate and roasted chicory.

Those are the words from the blurb. What are mine? Pretty similar actually. In the eternal battle of hops versus heavy roast malts, it’s hard to pick a winner. Hops perhaps, but malts are not far behind. This is lovely stuff and really works well. Good carbonation too, which is something I’m noticing more with quite a few flatter beers appearing in my cupboard recently.

I do like the Kernel branding too, beautifully minimalist. They let the beer do the talking.